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Best Handicrafts items of Jaipur with an aesthetic significance


Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is also regarded as cultural and shopping center of the State. It has a plethora of attractions in its markets, palaces and ancient monuments. The Markets of Jaipur are laden with unique shopping items of both old and recent ages, especially Jaipur handcrafts. The best handicrafts items of Jaipur depicts the true culture of the city. These crafts are mostly influenced by the royal era and are recognized for their unique designs. Here is a list of traditional Jaipur handicrafts that captivates everyone’s heart.

Rajasthani Puppets

handicrafts of jaipur

You might have heard a lot about Puppet Shows of Rajasthan. These are the most inexpensive souvenirs to carry. This home decor item reminds you of courageous kings and the beautiful queens of the city. The charming puppets are made with painted wooden heads, draped in dresses made from sequinned old fabrics and rags stuffed in them. The puppets have a distinctive style as they don traditional Rajasthani outfits. Their unique features include painted eyes and expressions, arched eyebrows, moustache for men and nose ring for women. Yes, these are a hallmark of Rajasthani Culture and heritage.

Jaipur Carpets

handicrafts of jaipur

The carpets or rugs of Jaipur are world-famous. The tourists visit Jaipur especially to collect these souvenirs. These Durries are among the most popular handicrafts of Rajasthan. These beautiful Jaipur Rugs are noted for their innovativeness. These are generally hand-knit woollen products and have a great resemblance with the Persian Carpets. During the supremacy of Mughals, carpet weaving instigated in Jaipur. Here, you can discover Multi-hued carpet along with carpets and mats in dissimilar patterns and styles. Their designs also include knots and arithmetic patterns.

Rajasthani Folk Jewelry

The royals as well as the villagers of Rajasthan have men and women adorned with beautiful traditional jewelry. The people got influenced by the bygone eras and helped craft of jewelry making and Meenakari to groom and flourish. Meenakari art jewelry with enamel work is another popular handicrafts of Jaipur. Silver, gold and the colors including blue, green and yellow are the base of the Meenakari art. The silver and Meenakari jewelry are found here in bracelets, rings, earrings, nose rings, toe rings, ankle bracelets, and pendants.

Jaipur Razai

handicrafts of jaipur

Jaipur is eminent for its cozy, comfortable and feather-weight quilts, called Jaipuri Razai. These are a great takeaway for cities with cold weather. Don’t undervalue these quilts as they are light in weight, they are warm to the nucleus. Tourists often shop for these feather-light quilts every time they visit Jaipur. These quilts are not boring like other quilts. They are available in cotton, silk and velvet materials with different beautiful designs and prints.

Embroidered Umbrella

jaipur handicrafts

Multi-colored, vibrant, and beautiful umbrellas are the unique specialty of Jaipur you won’t find anywhere else. These mirror work and embroidered umbrellas are the top pick up for home decor. These are also used in weddings. Not only this they even provide safety from the sun. These handcrafted umbrellas are available in many ethnic designs and colors that catch your attention in just a glimpse of it.

Blue Pottery

Jaipur blue pottery tops the list of souvenirs to carry. From pots, plates, tiles to showpieces and boxes every blue pottery item is worthwhile. These are an origin of Turko-Persian and are a major attraction of international and national shoppers. The blue glazed traditional Handicraft of Jaipur looks exceptional and impresses you with its incredible designs. These are available in green, yellow and blue color.

Marble Items

marble murti in jaipur

Marble sculptures are a speciality of Rajasthani artisans. Jaipur is famous for creating intricate designs and ethnic artworks out of stones. Carved marble sculptures, statues, stone artefacts, and religious idols, etc. are something Jaipur is popular for. These showpieces can prove to be a great decoration for your home. You can see the unique stone carvings in various Palaces and Havelis, as well as ordinary homes. Marble items, especially decorative plates with Kundan work are the popular Jaipur handicrafts that have amazed many tourists.

Leather Items

leather items in jaipur

History has it that Rajasthan has been home to Leatherwork. You can find a huge variety of leather stuff such as bags, belts, diaries, wallets, handbagsJohari Bazaar, Bapu bazaar, and Hawa Mahal Market are the main centers of leather items in Jaipur. These are trendy as well as traditional.

Metal Crafts

metal crafts of jaipur

The tradition of metal crafts is ages old in Jaipur. The people of Rajasthan are adept at rendering a lifelike shape to a metal piece. If you go to the state, you will find some of the best metal craft specimens that will be enameled in silver. You will have decorative items, wall hangings, jewelry boxes, showpieces, swords and shields and many more items in the metal that can adorn your home.

Jaipuri Juttis

handicrafts of jaipur

Originated from Jaipur, the Mojaris Juttis of Rajasthan are another specialty of Rajasthani Handicrafts. This embroidered Juttis or Mojaris with exquisite embroidery are an important part of Indian ethnic dresses. The leather shoes called Juttis are a must on your shopping list when going to Rajasthan. These Juttis are beautifully embellished with embroidery, beads, zardozi.

Bandhej and Leheriya

handicrafts of jaipur

Rajasthan is the heart of block printing with its main centers at Sanganer and Bagru. Jaipur is the hub of the art of block printing & dyeing . This highly skillful Tie & Dye art is commonly known as ‘Bandhej’. You can find attractive designs and textures in a variety of fabrics mainly cotton, silk, and wool. You can find a variety of garments in zari work, embroidered work, or simple fabric. The Leheriya Sarees and iconic bandhani dupattas are famous for them.

Sanganeri and Bagru Print Stuff

handicrafts of jaipur

Sanganer and Bagru print are famous traditional rich textiles popularly available in Walled city. The artisans make use of Rajasthani Fabrics and decorate them with wonderful vibrant colors. Cushion covers, bed sheets, suits, sarees, skirts and other outfits with Bagru and Sanganeri prints are favorite of every traveler. These are available in stylish designs and different geometrical and floral patterns that are unique with its printing techniques.

Wooden Furniture

handicrafts of jaipur

The most famous work on furniture in Rajasthan is the latticework. It is popular for its intricate carvings on furnitures. Furniture such as small chairs and tables, Bajots and Chowkis are popular. Also, stools with string seats, boxes, cabinets, mirror and picture frames, etc are the best handicrafts items of Jaipur. Jaipur excels in the art of making “antique furniture”. Wooden Jharokhas, doors and windows, sideboards, Jhoolas or swings, and dressers resembles the furniture that was in vogue in Havelis a hundred years ago.

Gems of Jaipur

handicrafts of jaipur

Jaipur is the world’s largest gem cutting center. Gems of Jaipur are the most important and best handicrafts items of Jaipur. The inlaying gold and semi-precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, and diamonds are world-famous. Jaipur is famous for a gem dealing center that it has a wing entirely devoted to cutting and polishing precious stones using simple unsophisticated machinery. Many national and international tourists visit the Pink City for these gems that are the prime attraction of Jaipur.

Lac Bangles

handicrafts of jaipur

They are a kind of symbolic jewellery popular in Rajasthan. Being one of the best handicraft items of Jaipur, it draws the attention of many. It is said that the bare wrists are considered inauspicious. The Lac bangles of Rajasthan are a symbol of a newly brides and married woman. Jaipur is a great producer of Lac bangles. You can spot a beautiful coat of paint and gold leaf on the surface of these bangles. These are available in beautiful colours and designs that are hard to resist for shopping.

Paintings of Rajasthan

Miniature Paintings are synonymous with Rajasthan. These kind of beautiful paintings were to decorate the palaces, halls, palatial mansions of wealthy merchants. Jaipur paintings has a unique place in the best handicrafts items of Jaipur. These paintings bring the impact of rich cultural heritage to the forefront. One can find religious and mythological themes displayed on them with courtly love. These traditional paintings have a distinctive style as these paintings are examples of rich craftsmanship.

The Pink city is world famous for the exquisite handicraft items. Every other handicraft found here looks very classy, beautiful and grabs attention every time while passing through the streets. We bet you will find it difficult to resist the shopping spree in Jaipur. You will definitely enjoy the bargaining for best handicrafts items of Jaipur with street vendors and local craftsmen.