biodegradable Diyas for Diwali

Artisans of Jaipur prepared biodegradable Diyas for Diwali

Rural women in Jaipur prepared one million environment-friendly Diyas with mixed herbs and cow dung by hand. These can be used as fertiliser after Diwali.


With an aim to protect the environment, the rural women in Jaipur prepared one million biodegradable oil lamps or Diyas for this Diwali. These handmade diyas are prepared by cow dung and mixed herbs and can be composed after Diwali. 

This unique campaign has started at Pinjrapole Gaushala in Sanganer, Jaipur. Where hundreds of women are making lamps from cow dung. The special thing about these lamps is that even after Diwali, these lamps can be used as fertilizer. These lamps also purify the air in the environment. 

This is how Dung lamps are prepared 

To make these lamps, cow dung is dried and filtered and black soil is mixed in it along with the various powdered herbs. Adding these herbs make these lamps friendly to the health of the people. The mixture of cow dung and herbs is then mixed with the gum of boor pods and put in the mould of the lamp and left for drying under the sun. When they are completely dried, these lamps are made beautiful by applying ocher clay. The whole process takes about two days.

Providing livelihood to women

Along with promoting environmental protection, these women are also setting a great example of self-reliance. These women gave employment to the other women by making lamps during the Corona crisis and are maintaining the family.

According to the Agriculture expert Sunita Chaudhary, hundreds of women in Jaipur are making lamps from cow dung every day earning 10 thousand monthly income. They prepare 5000 lamps every day which are being sold in the market for Rs 2, from which up to 20 lakhs can be earned.

Demand for these lamps all across the country

These lamps are in demand across the country on the occasion of Diwali. Which are mainly sent to Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP as well as Ayodhya. This act of Jaipur artisans seems to promote Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of Vocal for Local. 

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