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JDA to develop a unique green area at Loha Mandi Scheme

Jaipur Development Authority plans to develop a first of its kind green area at the Loha Mandi Scheme. This will have new parks and green pathways.


To augment green coverage in Pink City, Jaipur Development Authority is planning to develop a first of its kind green area at the Loha Mandi Scheme. The commercial hotspot will have open spaces with new parks and a green pathway to enhance greenery.

The scheme has an area of 13.50 lakh sq metre. To accommodate open spaces at the Lohamandi Scheme a 1.40 lakh square meter area has been set out for the creation of 6 parks. This project will open up the routes of creating parks at commercial areas in the city. 

New parks and green walkways will be built 

Jaipur civic officials are intending to earn revenue of ₹500 crores to create the commercial Loha Mandi Scheme. Around 20 crores of these funds will be used to create green spaces. The civic body has suggested creating 4 small parks along with two parks each of 49,000 and 44,000 square meters. A 1,150 meter-long green walkway, connecting to the adjoining forest land, will also be established here.

The establishment of green spaces is being encouraged to reduce pollution in Jaipur. It has been underlined that less than 10% of areas in the city are under the green cover. This is considerably lower than the required 20% subscribed by the Master Plan of 2025. 

The JDA has been committed interactively to meet these regulations. Earlier, there was a plan to develop woodland parks and plant trees here. However, the plan was soon disposed of due to undesirable results. The officials expressed that enhancing the green cover in Jaipur has proven to be a complicated task. The project needs sustained efforts and adequate resources. 

According to the officials, The current new plan of action was established at the Empowered Committee meeting after JDA got directions from the Urban Development and Housing (UDH) Minister. The JDA will establish borders in new colonies and plant trees to increase the green stretch.

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