Exotic Park in Nahargarh Biological Park

Exotic Park at Nahargarh will start for visitors in July


Good news for wildlife lovers! The much-awaited Exotic Park in Nahargarh Biological Park will open soon from this monsoon. The tourists and the Jaipurites will be able to enjoy a safari in the park.

The senior wildlife department officials said that the preparations are at its height and they are waiting for the arrival of the hippo. As soon as the hippo arrives at Nahargarh, the Exotic Park will be open for the visitors. The lion safari has already made the biological park very popular. The Exotic Park will further boost the tourist footfall.

“At the Exotic Park, the visitors will be able to enjoy the sighting of rare wildlife animals including zebra, ostrich, and hippo in a gypsy. Ostrich has already been brought but is yet to be placed. Once the hippo arrives both the animals will be relocated together,” said the official.

The Exotic Park was to be launched sooner, but the relocation of a hippo delayed the plans. The park is expected to start in the third or fourth week of July.

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