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Pollution at a dangerous level in Jaipur post-Diwali

The Air Quality Index rose high in Jaipur and other cities of the state after fireworks on Diwali. Alert for people with asthma and respiratory issues.


Jaipur recorded the highest post-Diwali pollution in the last three years. The Air Quality Index (AQI) crossed 340 in Jaipur and Jodhpur after fireworks making the climate dangerous for asthma patients. Both the cities are under the red zone. 

Even though there were strict rules for bursting green firecrackers and that too for a limited time on Diwali, there was rampant cracker bursting and so many fireworks polluted the climate of the cities of Rajasthan including Jaipur. The pollution level was three times higher than normal. 

There was smoke all over the sky due to the fireworks that continued throughout Diwali night. Its effect was clearly visible in the morning. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of Jaipur, Jodhpur has crossed 340. This is a matter of concern for the asthma patients living in these cities which come under the Red Zone. In such a situation, doctors and experts have advised such people to stay maximum at home.

In Jaipur this morning the AQI level was recorded at the level of 370. The AQI level was 317 in the Shastri Nagar area of ​​Jaipur while in Adarsh ​​Nagar and Rajapark area, it reached 331. The sky remained foggy early in the morning and visibility in and around Jaipur was also lower than normal days. A day before Diwali, the AQI level in Jaipur was 140.

The AQI level of the other cities in the state

Apart from Jaipur, Jodhpur was recorded as the second-largest city in the state with bad air quality. AQI level was recorded at 340 in Jodhpur this morning. Both the cities Jaipur and Jodhpur have come under the Red Zone in terms of air quality. Whereas, the AQI level in Alwar 258, Bhiwadi 414, Kota 266, Pali 200, Udaipur 236, and Ajmer was 271 on the next day of Diwali. However, the air quality in Kota, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pali, Alwar, Bhiwadi has improved slightly today as compared to yesterday. Jaipur is still in the Red Zone according to the Air Quality Index for the second consecutive day. 

The increased problem for asthma patients 

According to doctors, The AQI of more than 100 is considered injurious to health and if the air quality index crosses 250, the problem for asthma patients increases. Doctors have advised patients with respiratory diseases, chronic asthma and post covid symptoms to be cautious till the pollution level gets back to normal. The air quality turned out to be so bad that there are complaints like mild burning in the eyes and nose, nervousness, headache in many people due to excessive smoke.

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