Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall turns 135 years old, free entry to visitors


The most beautiful Albert Hall Museum, the heart of Jaipur tourism, is now 135 years old. Entrance To Albert Hall Museum Will Be Free For Tourists Today

The Albert Hall Museum nested in Ram Niwas Bagh is Special In Itself. It is also known as the Central Museum. Standing in the middle of the city, this museum is a reflection of the dreams of Maharaja Ramsingh and the pride of jaipur. The museum has an extensive collection of archaeological and handicraft items. Over time, many changes have been made to the museum to make it a center of attraction for tourists.

As per the Superintendent Rakesh Chholak, the construction of Albert Hall was completed in the year 1887. art objects were collected from various parts of india and adjoining areas in the temporary museum and exhibition. they were then moved to the new museum building here. According to the rules, the display was changed in 2007-08. With installation of modern lights, night tours to the entire museum were started. The entire museum was air-conditioned.

According to the tourism expert and CGM of the royal railways, Pradeep Bohra, the building is said to be the second most beautiful historical building after the Taj Mahal in North India. It is built in the Rajput-Mughal-Anglo architectural style.  Pride of Jaipur, the location of this building, grand murals in the verandah hall, Akbar carpet Rajmana, replicas of religious paintings, the major events of Europe, Egypt, China, Greek, Babylonia civilization makes it the most popular tourism destination in Jaipur

3 features that make it different

1. Mummies: Mummies of the Talomike era of the ancient city state of Panopolis, Egypt from 322 to 30 AD. The safest among the other 6 mums in the country.

2. Carpet: Rare 1632 AD Charbagh-style Iranian carpet (2.48 by 12.4). It was made with the throne of the king, it has the whole garden with finely worked canals, ponds and birds. 

3. Yaksha: The life-size statue which was once found from the Ghats of Banaras. It is extremely rare and grand in sculptures.

Over seven lakh tourists visit the museum every year. The mummy of Egypt is a center of attraction for the tourists. Due to the torrential rain last year, the object of this place suffered a lot, but now the archaeological department has also released a budget of rs 45 lakh.

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