Patrika Gate Jaipur

Tech Show Exhibition launched at Patrika Gate

Tech Show Exhibition at Patrika Gate in Jaipur, students of various engineering colleges of the city displayed innovative projects.


Patrika In Education – PIE launched the Tech Show Exhibition at Patrika Gate in Jaipur on Friday. Students of various engineering colleges displayed their projects. Face recognition system detecting human emotions, wheelchair moving with hand gestures were the highlight.

With some unique ideas and innovations, students and industry experts thronged the tech show exhibition organized by the Patrika In Education (PIE). Students of reputed engineering colleges in the city participated in the exhibition and understood each other’s creations at Patrika Gate.

Many types of innovations seen

In the exhibition, students displayed innovations like robots, drones, electric motors, gesture control devices, RC cars and jet planes. There were many projects including voice control automatic door, mobility sensors, portable house model, build your own glider, how to fly and control a drone etc.

Face recognition system to detect human emotions

One of the unique presentations was the Face recognition system detecting human emotions. People are often seen trying to guess the emotions of others being happy or in sadness through their faces. In today’s advanced technology era, human emotions are being detected with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A similar system was seen prepared by the city’s AI expert Aryan Singh. Aryan has developed the Human Emotion Recognition System, which can detect human emotion in five ways.

When talked to Aryan about his project, he said, “He has been programming since 12 years. To identify human emotions, many aspects such as body language, facial expressions, eye contact, speech intonation and speech assertion analysis are used in front of the camera. According to the standards, 87.7% of the results received are correct.

Robo will deliver guest orders

The students of LNMIIT Shiv Prakash Dadhich, Mandeep Singh, Udayveer Singh and Satish Yadav developed an Omebo Delivery Robo. This is an AI-based robot, which is designed to be used in restaurants. This Robo will run on the instructions of the app and will be connected through Wi-Fi. It will take the order from the kitchen and deliver it to the guest and will come back to its place. It has been made in acrylic, which can lift a weight of up to five kg. It is prepared for Rs 15 thousand.

ThunderBolt similar to used in world war was designed

A ThunderBolt was designed by Rahul Sharma, Mayank Yadav, Sharad Kumar Agarwal and Gaurav Singh. It is the prototype of the ThunderBolt used in World War, in which other weapons were kept apart from keeping the bomb. It is built on the Drefron Super Compress seat. It took one and a half months’ time to prepare and has been made under the guidance of seniors. Its purpose is to make the country safe by strengthening the army.

Sensor Will Give Stop Signal

Kartikeya Garg, Avani Agarwal, and Harshit Parmar of Poornima Group have made gesture control wheelchairs and have also got a patent for this. This wheelchair moves with hand gestures. When the hand is turned up, it moves forward and when the hand is turned down, it moves backwards. A lot of work has been done on its safety features. If anyone comes within a radius of one meter, it gives stop signals and stops automatically. The team that made it has been named Techno Samskritam.

Along with these, many projects of Purnima Institute, MNIT, LNMIIT, Poornima College, SKIT, Tinkerley, Tensa XAI Academy as well as many other institutions were the special highlights of the show.

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