Traffic rules on Jaipur highways strict

Police plans zero-tolerance road to make Jaipur traffic jam-free

Jaipur police plans to make Jaipur traffic jam free, 1-1 KM long zero tolerance road will be built in every police station area to get rid of traffic jams.


Jaipur Police are making innovative plans to get rid of traffic jams in the city. Under this, one 1-kilometer zero-tolerance road will be built in each police station area of ​​Jaipur city. They will be kept free from traffic jams at all costs, and will take action against those who break the rules.

The Commissionerate Police has prepared a special plan for traffic control in Jaipur. It will now work on the ‘Zero Tolerance Road’ plan. Apart from the traffic police, the responsibility of Zero Tolerance Road will also be of all the officers of Jaipur police stations. These zero-tolerance roads will be selected by the police station in charge of the respective police station areas.

Under this, the police of every police station has been given a road of one kilometer in their area. The police will continuously patrol this radius of one kilometer. It will be their responsibility to make this road jam-free. They will also ensure that the carts and other vehicles installed here will be shifted to their designated places. Traffic rules should not be broken otherwise action will be taken against them. The police station can also take help from Jaipur traffic police.

According to the Additional Police Commissioner Traffic, Rahul Prakash, “Every person in the city, whether ordinary or special, is troubled by the increasing traffic in the city. Out of 10 complaints coming to Jaipur Police Control Room, 5 are traffic-related. To end this problem, this order has been issued by Jaipur Police Commissioner, Biju George Joseph.”

The main objective of this unique campaign is to make the 65 km road jam-free. All the police stations of Jaipur should operate keeping in view the traffic violations in their respective areas. This is the first campaign by Jaipur Police and its benefits will be visible to the common people in the coming days.

CIs of all the police stations started working on the plan

After this order was issued by the Jaipur Commissionerate, all the CIs of the police stations started working on the jam in their respective areas. The work of removing illegal encroachments from the main roads has also been started.

Retail traders will be kept out of the campaign

In this campaign, the police will not remove the temporary retailers and street vendors. They will be kept inside the white stripes. It will ensure that temporary retailers and street vendors sell goods only within the white strip on the road so that it doesn’t affect their employment and there is no disruption in traffic.

Traffic jam has become a huge problem in Jaipur

It is noteworthy that due to the ever-increasing number of vehicles in the capital Jaipur, traffic jams have become a big problem. It becomes difficult to walk on major roads between 8 to 11 in the morning and 5 to 8 in the evening. Many intersections and roads of the city continue to face lengthy traffic jams every day during peak hours.

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