albert hall jaipur

Albert Hall installed with mask art excites visitors


Albert Hall, the face of the city, was covered with a mask to bring awareness among people towards preserving monuments and cultural heritage.

The mask art installation has been created under the ‘Design Conclave 2020’ by the Department of Science and Technology and Design Cohort of the Government of Rajasthan. The design was based on contemporary art and is motivated by the social distancing policy of Covid-19.

Through the installation, people have been given the message that just like we use masks to defend ourselves against coronavirus, in the same way, the monuments also need to be safeguarded from pollution and deterioration. If the visitors do not spoil or damage these monuments and will keep them clean, the heritage of our country will stay preserved always.

The mask structure also spread a message of the importance of wearing masks during the spread of COVID-19. As day by day, the lines of concern are also increasing with so many cases being reported continuously.

On Saturday, Jaipur reports 259 cases of the corona positive. It was the highest ever number of positive cases reported in a single day. Three people died as well. Now the total positive figures are up to 8574. Of them, 251 died.

The Corona infection has now reached the government departments from small lanes of the city. In the capital Jaipur, more than 100 officers and employees have turned positive in about a dozen government departments. The IAS, IPS, RAS along with hundreds of employees of Police, JDA, High Court, Health and Family Welfare Department were found positive.

The infection in government departments has been increasing due to not properly maintaining the right yards. The number of active cases in the city is 2680, while 5643 have been discharged from hospitals after treatment.