cctv compulsory in jaipur

CCTV compulsory in Jaipur: If not installed strict action will be taken


Now every shopkeeper will be required to install CCTV in the Jaipur Commissionerate area. The SP and DSP have been directed to circulate the order. CCTV compulsory in jaipur will ensure high-quality CCTV cameras in large establishments in their areas and where there is a high transaction of money. The order has been issued under the Indian Penal Code 14. Any violation of this order will be punished under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

According to the Additional Commissioner Ajaypal Lamba, Installing CCTV compulsory in Jaipur at financial, commercial, business and commercial institutions such as banks and ATMs, private lockers companies, jewelry shops, petrol pumps, malls, hotels, cinema halls, cine complexes, liquor and beer shops, guest houses, Dharamshalas, restaurants, and premises where cash and valuables are exchanged.

cctv compulsory in jaipur
CCTV camera in shopping mall.

A constant movement of people can be seen in these institutions and a large amount of cash is also transacted here, due to this, there is a strong possibility of theft, robbery, snatching and cheating occurrence in these institutions and surrounding areas. There is also a possibility of loss of life and property of the common people.

To prevent such crimes and to ensure the safety of the public and property, CCTV with high quality and high storage capacity inside and outside these institutions is necessary. These establishments will be asked to keep at least 15 days recording of cameras. All the institutes will be directed that these cameras should be installed in such a way that the visiting people can be monitored well. There would be the maintenance from time to time.

The installation of CCTV cameras will not only help in the prevention of criminal activities but is also beneficial in the development of commercial activities of the institute. This order will be effective until April 30, 2020.

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