youth and eco clubs in rajasthan

Youth and Eco clubs to be formed in government-run schools of the state


The Youth and Eco Clubs in Rajasthan will be housed in the state schools. The state education department has directed the orders to build houses on the lines of private schools. There will be five houses, these houses will be formed under Youth and Eco clubs for the overall development of the children.

Under these clubs, the students will be made aware about the environment along with the skill of living, self-respect. The head of the school institution will be the officer in charge of the club. In this regard, the order has been issued by Pradeep Kumar Board, Commissioner of Rajasthan School Education Council.

According to the order, the head of the institution will be responsible for conducting the activities of Youth and Eco Clubs in Rajasthan under the house arrangement in schools. In elementary and secondary education, the class-wise students will be divided into five parts and the students of each part will be known as one house. The newly entered student in this house will remain a member of the same house till the last class of the school.

youth and eco clubs in rajasthan

Five houses will be formed naming Jal, Vayu, Agni, Prithvi, and Aakash. These houses will be formed in all primary and secondary government schools. The students will perform activities related to their group. For instance, students from the Vayu group will participate in activities like poster making, theater, letter writing, and essay writing. Different competitions will be organized in different houses. The best performing student will be honored as well.

The education commissioner Pradeep Borad said that “forming the houses will develop a positive environment among students. Private schools have a trend of different houses. Government schools will also follow this trend to encourage students in different subjects and activities“.

Under the Annual Action Plan and Budget 2019-20 of Composite Education, a provision of Rs 4636.35 lakh has been made for 52 thousand 539 schools operating in the entire state and Rs 3525.50 lakh for 14 thousand 201 schools of secondary education.

In this, a budget of 5 thousand has been set for each school of elementary level, 15 thousand for upper primary and Rs 25 thousand for secondary and higher secondary. Utilization certificate will have to be sent to the Block Office within the stipulated period using the budget made available for the activities in the session 2019-20.

The constituted Youth and Eco Club will conduct different activities for different groups. Yoga, drama, debate, musical arts and cultural activities will be under the youth club. Awareness of children about the environment, biodiversity, climate, nutrition and health and hygiene will be organized. Also, exhibition, petting, writing, plantation, checking of children’s health, sanitation programs will be conducted.

On the last day of every month, hygiene programs during children’s prayer meetings will be organized. Under these, publicity programs for water conservation, including checking physical hygiene will be held.