Jaipur International Airport

Jaipur International Airport in the world’s top 10

Jaipur, among the top 10 airports of the world for its on-time performance in a survey conducted by an aviation analytics company.


Jaipur International Airport has got a place in the list of the World’s Top 10 Airports in the middle category in a survey conducted by an organization recently. Jaipur has got 9th place in this list. This survey has been conducted by aviation analytics company Cerium on the basis of on-time performance review.

According to the Jaipur Airport Spokesperson, the report of ‘On-time Performance Review 2022’ is based on ‘On-time arrival’ and ‘On-time departure’ at all international airports.

‘On-time arrival’ means when a passenger aircraft arrives at the boarding gate within 15 minutes of its scheduled departure time and “on-time departure” means when a passenger aircraft departs from the boarding gate within 15 minutes of its scheduled take-off time.

Jaipur airport operates more than 37 thousand flights

In the year 2022, 37 thousand 506 flights were operated at Jaipur airport. Last year, planes took off on 35 national and international routes from here. Talking about the current situation, 33 international flights also depart from Jaipur airport in a week.

Currently, Air Arabia, Air India, Salaam Air, SpiceJet and Air Asia flights fly from Jaipur to the cities of Sharjah, Dubai, Muscat and Bangkok. On an average, more than 37 thousand international passengers also move from Jaipur every month.

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