stop milk supply in Jaipur

Warning to stop milk supply in Jaipur, a large part of the city may be affected


On Wednesday, Jaipur Dairy Officer Employees Joint Conflict Committee protested against the Jaipur Dairy administration. The committee has given a warning to stop milk supply in Jaipur during the protest.

The committee made several demands during the protests. During their protest, the committee warned to stop the supply of milk in Jaipur if the demands were not met.

According to the demands of Jaipur Dairy Officer Employees ‘Joint Conflicts Committee, There shouldn’t be any interference with employees’ wages. New recruitment should be initiated. Retired employees should not be harassed by the board for remuneration. They also protested against the demand for curbing the growing corruption. The committee also submitted memorandums to Jaipur dairy MD Rahul Saxena and Om Poonia.

The committee said that if these demands are not being met, then we will stop supplying milk in Jaipur. A large part of the city could be affected by the supply of milk in the capital.

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