Working 4 hours daily

Working 4 hours daily is mandatory to get an Unemployment allowance

The government issued strict conditions for unemployment allowance. Working 4 hours a day in a government office is mandatory.


The government has modified the conditions for giving unemployment allowance to the unemployed graduates in Rajasthan. To get an unemployment allowance, you will have to work 4 hours daily as an internship in a government office. This provision will come into effect from January 1.

To avail the unemployment allowance, one has to work 4 hours a day in a government office or under the government scheme. For this, a 3-month course will also have to be done from Rajasthan Skill Development Corporation (RSDC). Without an internship, one would not be eligible for the allowance. Those unemployed youth who are already taking allowance will also have to do this course and internship before January 1.

At present, unemployed youth have been getting an allowance even while sitting at home. Presently, the unemployment allowance for males is Rs. 4000 and females is Rs.4500 rupees per month. The allowance is given on the condition if the annual family income is less than 2 lakhs. Now, this scheme has been changed by adding new conditions.

The Labor, Planning and Employment Department has issued orders to change the provisions of Mukhyamantri Yuva Sambal Yojana. The government will allot the office for internships to the unemployed youth. Unemployed youth till the age of 30 years for the general category and up to 35 years for the reserved category are eligible for unemployment allowance. 

The allowance is given only to the unemployed, the allowance will be stopped as soon as a private or government job is taken. The allowance will also stop if you leave the internship midway. If someone leaves in between, they will not be able to apply again. 

Money will be deducted if not going to the office

Money will be deducted if missed going to the office. It will be mandatory for unemployed youth to go to the office for internships every day apart from government holidays. Only one day leave in a month will be allowed. The money will be deducted if you do not go to the office on the rest of the days. 

Upload Internship Certificate by 5th of every month 

Those doing internships will have to upload an Internship Certificate on the website from SSO ID by the 5th of every month. Only after that, the allowance will be given for that month as the District Employment Office will make the payment only after checking the uploaded certificates.

For internship, a committee will be formed at the district level

For internships in government departments, a committee will be formed at the district level under the chairmanship of the collector. This committee will allot departments and agencies to the unemployed for internships. The officer of the District Employment Office will be the member secretary of this committee.

Those with a professional degree exempted from skill training

Unemployed youth with professional degrees will not need 3 months skill development training. Youth having professional degrees like BEd, Nursing, MBBS, BTech, MTech will not be obliged to take skill development courses.

Online applications from 1st April to 30th June every year

Every year from April 1 to June 30, applications will be taken on the employment portal. Here the registered unemployed will be selected for the allowance in July. Only 2 lakh unemployed will get the allowance in a year. Preference will be given to the older unemployed.

Unemployment allowance will not be given to:

  • The youth doing regular studies even after graduation
  • Graduate working in MNREGA or PMGSY
  • More than 2 lakhs annual family income 
  • Those who have already obtained scholarships of the Central or State Government
  • Those against whom criminal cases are registered
  • Those doing their own business or private job
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