Gandhinagar Railway station in Jaipur

Women handle the entire railway station, UN also praised


Gandhinagar Railway station in Jaipur is the first station of its kind in the world. It is the first station of the main line, which is operated only by the women. From ticket checking, safety to cleanliness all the responsibilities are handled by women. Recently the United Nations has described it as a milestone in the direction of women’s empowerment.

The station is located on the Jaipur-Delhi line on Tonk. More than 50 trains pass through this station and more than 7 thousand passengers travel every day. People visiting here are surprised by seeing the green guards, ticket checkers and cleaners as women. Also on the ticket windows, women dressed in a dark blue coat on the white dress of the railway appear to be doing their work with full speed.

In February last year, the station was handed over to the women staff of the railway. Since then, the income here has increased.

United Nations has written on Twitter that there are more than 40 female employees, who play more responsibilities than men. After the women took charge of the station, the sanitation system has improved.

Rail Minister Piyush Goyal said in his tweet, “Gandhi Nagar Railway Station in Jaipur is the first non-suburban railway station in Rajasthan, operated by women. In addition to the routine functioning of the station, the responsibility of the Railway Protection Force is also on the women personnel. This is an attempt by the Railways for women empowerment and to make a positive change in society.”

Although the Matunga suburban station of Mumbai is also operated by women, Gandhinagar is the first station of the main line, the women are fully responsible for the operation of women.

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