Jaipur women died at Kedarnath

Two Jaipur women died at Kedarnath, 9 pilgrims dead in 10 days


A woman from Kanpur going to Gangotri died due to poor health conditions on Friday. Just before this day two more woman aged 62 and 74 died due to low body temperature after they had a visit to Kedarnath shrine.

They were identified as Swaroopi Devi(62) and Vijay Laxmi(74) and were residents of Jaipur. They reported discomfort and were soon taken to a nearby hospital in Kedarnath area. But they did not survive and died because if low oxygen in her body.

The health department has warned all the elderly people to avoid getting exposed to extreme weather and take care of their health.

This year there are already 10 cases reported, out of which four died in Kedarnath, three in Yamunotri, one in Gangotri and one in Badrinath. All of those were pilgrims over age 60 died because of poor health conditions and intense cold weather.

According to the department, it seems that the rules of Kedarnath shrine for a medical check-up are not being followed seriously. The pilgrims are to asked to bring along their medical fitness certificate from their states. But the authenticity of these certificates is still in doubt.

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