Women get to travel free in buses on March 8, Women's Day

Women get 50% concession in fare in all roadways buses

CM Gehlot has approved a 50% fare concession for women in all Rajasthan Roadways buses. This provision will be effective from 12 midnight tonight


Great news for women in Rajasthan! Women will now receive a 50% fare concession on all roadways buses within the state limits. This proposal has been approved by CM Ashok Gehlot, extending the discount to all categories of roadways buses. Previously, only ordinary buses offered a 50% discount to women.

Beginning from midnight tonight, there will be a 50% reduction in ticket prices for all types of buses, including Volvo buses, when traveling within the borders of Rajasthan. It is crucial to remember that this discounted fare will no longer be valid for journeys outside the state boundaries.

During this year’s budget session, CM Gehlot announced a concession, pledging to increase the discount for women and girls traveling in regular roadways buses from 30% to 50%.

The implementation of the 30% fare reduction for women in roadways buses commenced on April 1. Subsequently, during the inauguration of the Sindhi Camp Bus Terminal in Jaipur on May 25, CM Gehlot announced the expansion of this concession to include all roadways buses, ensuring a 50% discount for women and girls. The present confirmation ensures the completion of this commitment made by the Chief Minister.

As a gesture to observe the Rakhi festival, women and girls will retain the benefit of complimentary travel on Rajasthan Roadways buses. This exact provision, which was brought up during the earlier government’s term, remains intact.

The series of schemes launched aiming at the benefit of women by the Gehlot government clearly indicates his focus on women voters. Apart from the rebate in bus fares, CM Gehlot had earlier promised free smartphones for women on Rakhi. However, the latest announcement revises this initiative by transferring an amount equal to the smartphone’s value directly to the women’s bank accounts.

Another welfare initiative addressing the needs of women is the implementation of ration kits for every family. As part of this program, eligible households will receive a monthly direct transfer of approximately Rs 360 worth of ration to their bank accounts.

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