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Walled city markets liven up, footfall increased after seven months


For the first time after the Corona period, the shopkeepers are excited by the good crowd in the markets in Navratri. With the arrival of festival season, the Walled City markets are also slowly gaining the footfall.

As the fear of pandemic is receding, people are showing enthusiasm for shopping for necessary items with the start of Navratri. Shops selling religious items are crowded. Items like fancy jewellery, bangles, and decorative pieces are not in demand. Although people have started coming and are shopping, they are only purchasing necessary items. 

This year footfall is not what it used to be earlier. However, since the lockdown relaxations, there has been a rise in the number of people coming to the market. Shopkeepers which were earlier distressed by the lack of buyers visiting shops due to Covid-19 are now happy with the good subscription appearing in Navratri. People from the nearby cities and villages are also reaching the markets. 

According to market officials, after a long gap of seven months, people are now strolling around the stores and showrooms. Several gift schemes have also been initiated by electric apparel, jewellery and two-wheeler, four-wheeler showroom operators. After the recession, a fair business is expected. People are buying readymade garments due to the arrival of new items in the market. They are also taking interest in electronic items and lights used to illuminate the houses. 

As per the shopkeeper of the walled city market “People have started coming to the market, although they are purchasing small and necessary items. Expensive clothes are not in demand yet. People are buying low price clothing or footwear for the Navratri. Due to this, the sale is still low. Special discounts on all types of branded electronic products at the market are the first choice of customers. Discounts are being given on electronics products of all companies at a rate lower than the online rate.”

It will take time to get the same rush back in the market, but at least shops are getting customers. The sale is expected to surge till Diwali.

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