Fire broke out in a jeweller showroom at City Pulse Mall in Jaipur

Fierce fire broke out in jewellery shop in Jaipur, 3 gates had to be broken to extinguish fire, flats got vacant from families


A fire broke out in a jewellery showroom at City Pulse Mall located at Narayan Singh Circle in Jaipur late on Sunday night. Fire brigade rushed to the spot and controlled the fire after an effort of 4 hours. The incident might have happened due to a short circuit. 

There is a showroom in the name of Tatiwala Jewelers in the City Pulse Mall located in Narayan Singh Circle. The fire broke out in the showroom late at around 2 pm due to a short circuit. Locals were stunned to see plumes of smoke and raging flames rising from the closed showroom. Soon the sensation spread in the mall seeing the fierce flames rising. 

Gandhi Nagar and SMS police station reached the spot on getting information about the fire. Firefighters were called after being informed at the fire station. It took 8 fire tenders to bring the fire under control after a struggle of about 4 hours. Fire brigade workers had to break three gates of the jewellery showroom to douse the fire. There has been a loss of lakhs of rupees in the Jewels Showroom. 

According to the CFO Rajendra Nagar, it was difficult to control the fire inside as the showroom was closed. The wall of the jewellery showroom was very thick. The main shutter was also very strong. Due to which the fire personnel entered inside by breaking three gates of the showroom. The fire destroyed the interior of the showroom to ashes, causing a loss of lakhs of rupees. Due to the valuables including jewellery, cash being kept in the safe, much damage was avoided.

Police vacated the flats

There is a showroom below in the City Pulse Mall building and a residential flat on the upper floor. The fire broke out in a jewellery showroom which was on the ground floor. The smoke rising from the burning of the showroom’s interior and furnishings reached the flats above. The police woke up the families sleeping in the flats by showing readiness. The flats were vacated even before there was any loss of life due to suffocation.

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