Jaipur airport to get E- boarding gate machine

Jaipur airport to get E- boarding gate machine soon

Jaipur airport will now be getting e-boarding machines installed at all four gates for the convenience of passengers.


There is news of relief for passengers traveling in domestic flights from Jaipur International Airport. After metro cities, Jaipur airport will soon be installing e-boarding gate machines, this will save time for passengers. 

Now they will not have to stand in a queue to get their boarding pass checked. After scanning they will be able to go directly for the security check. E-boarding gates will be started at all four gates.

After major airports including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, this is starting here as well.  Actually, the Adani Group has started the initiative of making e-boarding gates at the four gates of the airport. Under which passengers traveling by domestic flight will not have to bother to show the boarding pass. 

At present, the security agencies get entry by showing the boarding pass at the gate of the terminal. Sometimes due to high passenger load and VIP movement they have to wait in queue for 15 minutes. In such a situation, all the four gates are being made as e-boarding gates of metro stations. 

E-boarding machine for convenience 

For this a machine will be installed there. This machine will be powered by touchless technology and the internet. The passenger will have to scan the boarding pass and ID on the display board of this machine. After the details are verified, the gate will automatically open and the passenger will be allowed to enter the terminal. After that he will go to the security agencies for a security check. 

According to the airport management, this installation directly will save time. Along with this, it will also prove useful in controlling the crowd. The hassle of checking the boarding pass will also end. However, this facility has started at other major airports including Delhi. 

Help counter goes online

The help counters at Terminal 2 for the convenience of the passengers will also be online now. Automatic machines are being installed here too. Their trial for this has also been started. The camera is also attached to the machine. On clicking on the display, the representative will be connected directly from the control room through VC to help and solve the problem. 

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