Traders of Jaipur to bring shopping app for Jaipurites

Traders of Jaipur to bring shopping app for Jaipurites

Residents of Jaipur will now get home delivery of utility items with soon to come shopping apps exclusively by the traders of Jaipur.


Now Jaupurites will be able to order everything they need for their home from a local shopping app. The traders of Jaipur are now preparing to bring an online shopping app where every home utility product will be found. Also, there will be no delivery fee. 

The traders of Jaipur are now preparing to challenge the well-known online companies of the shopping sector by bringing their app. With this online shopping app the main goals of the traders is that their business is expected to increase 2 times and more than 500 shopkeepers will be added to this app in the first phase. 

For this, Merchants have to register for the app. After this, customers will be able to buy goods from them directly through the app. Customers will have to book goods from the app and they will get everything delivered free right at their home. Merchants will not be charged any fee for onboarding the app. Customers living in a radius of five km will not be charged any delivery charges as well. 

Learnt from the corona period

According to the Jaipur Trade Federation General Secretary, Surendra Baj, “The markets were closed during the Corona period. The administration gave permission to open ration shops. Slowly business started running. Due to the times of Covid, preparations have been started to bring the business on the app. Soon this plan will be materialized.

Free home delivery on their own level

After Corona, some traders have started home delivery facilities at their level. The radius has been kept from three to five km. These people deliver goods through delivery boys. Apart from this, a few vegetable vendors also deliver goods till ten in the morning to those people, who order by sending a list on WhatsApp.

Benefits of the app

Local markets and local products will get a boost.

Local youth will get employment as delivery boys.

These things will be available from the app 

Men and women clothing 

Computer accessories 

TV Application & Electronics 

Baby Product & Care 

Kids Fashion 

Beauty And Health

Home, Kitchen & Pets 

Tools & Home Improvement 

Everything from Pickles to Snacks

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