Toll tax at 30 booths increased in Rajasthan

Going from Jaipur to Sikar and Tonk will now be expensive, Tax will increase by 10% at 30 toll booths in Rajasthan from midnight.


Charges of 30 toll booths will increase in Rajasthan from 12 o’clock tonight. Tax on these toll booths will increase by 5 to 10%. The central government has approved the increase in toll tax.

Going from Jaipur to Sikar and Tonk will now become expensive. The rates on Tatiyawas (Jaipur-Sikar) and Barkheda Chandlai (Jaipur-Tonk) toll will increase by 10 percent, while the toll rates on Jaipur-Agra, Jaipur-Delhi and Jaipur-Ajmer bypass will not increase as of now. Toll rates on these bypasses will be revised from June-July onwards.

Toll rate at toll booths on the highway in Jaipur will increase from Rs 5 to Rs 10 for car drivers. At present, a car driver passing through Hingonia toll on Ring Road South has to pay Rs 60. This will increase to Rs 65 from April 1. Similarly, Rs 55 has to be paid at Sitarampura toll which now will increase to Rs 60. At the same time, car drivers have to pay Rs 110 at the Chandlai toll on the Jaipur-Tonk bypass which will increase to Rs 120.

Rates to increase in the remaining states from July 1 and Sep 1

Currently, more than 95 toll booths are being operated by NHAI in Rajasthan. Toll rates will increase from tonight at 30 toll plazas including Jaipur-Sikar, Manoharpur-Dausa, Jaipur- Delhi, Salasar to Nagaur, Rajgarh to Haryana border, Jaipur Ring Road. After this, toll rates will increase at 65 toll plazas in the remaining states from July 1 and September 1.

Toll rates of state highways were also increased

Toll rates have also been increased on the state highways of the state. The Public Works Department has increased the fare on State Highways by Rs 5 to Rs 30. The rate of monthly pass for vehicles has also been increased from Rs 25 to Rs 100.

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