Exhibition at JKK to reveal 3500 years old history of Egypt

JKK to held an exhibition showcasing 3500 years old history of Egypt where the secrets of the royal life of 'Tutankhamun' will be revealed.


There will be an exhibition at the Alankar Museum of Jawahar Kala Kendra showcasing Egypt’s 3,500-year-old history. This exhibition is being organized first in Asia at JKK in Jaipur. The exhibition will be open to the public from September 8 to October 7.

This unique event is being organized by Dhoran International Artist Society of Bikaner, Jawahar Kala Kendra and Egypt’s organization Pharos Land which will run from 7th September to 7th October. It was inaugurated by Rajasthan’s cabinet minister BD Kalla.

Visitors will witness thousand-year-old civilization

Tutankhamun’s tomb and hundreds of sculptures from the exhibition will give you a chance to witness the thousand-year-old civilization of Egypt. Most of the artifacts are made of gold plated and precious gems. During the exhibition, there will also be a chance to learn about Egyptian painting and the old language there.

Method of preparing the mummy will be described

In the exhibition, Egyptian expert Dr. Mustafa Alzaabi and his team will talk about the techniques of preparing mummies in those times. Along with this, two coffins (mummy) of the dead bodies of Tutankhamun and his wife, replicas of the bodies of many relatives, ornaments of the members of the royal family, two fetuses of Tutankhamun’s wife’s untimely abortion, their security personnel and replicas of the unique animals for the protection of the dead bodies will also be seen in this unique exhibition.

Some of the 250 sculptures found in Tutankhamun

Although there are thousands of rare items of Egyptian civilization present in the tomb, about 250 items selected from them and replicas of the coffin (mummy) of the dead bodies will be exhibited. These replicas have been created by Egyptian artist Dr. Mustafa Awljabi, Osama and Mohamed. The Egyptian government has given these three artists the responsibility to make a replica of this unique tomb. These unique sculptures have been prepared after 30 years of hard work.

Tickets prices for the exhibition

There will be an entry fee to view this rare heritage. For tickets, students will have to pay Rs 100 while adults will have to pay Rs 200. The exhibition will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily from September 8 to October 7.

Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered 3000 years after his death

The tomb of King Tutankhamun was found about 100 years ago. As per the historians, in 1922, a team of British archaeologists discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun was an Egyptian pharaoh whose tomb was uncovered by Howard Carter. Tutankhamun became king after the death of his father Akhenaten in 1333 BC at the age of nine. He is also popular as Raja Tut. Tutankhamun means ‘the one with the image of peace’. Unfortunately, his reign lasted only ten years and he died of a mysterious illness at the age of 19.

Mummy will be exhibited all over India

This exhibition is being organized on the occasion of the completion of 100 years of this historical event. All the artifacts present in the exhibition have been prepared after 30 years of hard work by Dr. Mustafa Aljaabi, Egypt’s only authorized replica maker. All the artifacts have been brought here from Egypt. In future, such exhibitions will be organized all over the country.

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