Rajasthan to get Tigers from another state first time

All advanced bookings for tiger safari at Ranthambore to be cancelled

The forest department canceled the 550 advanced bookings for full-day, half-day tiger safari of Ranthambore, money would be refunded.


Forest department will cancel the already booked 550 tiger safari for full-day and half-day at Ranthambore. This decision has been taken in order to put an end to the chaos over the full-day and half-day safaris booked in advance by tourists.

After the ban came into effect the forest department was confused over the already booked safari tickets. They were in a dilemma of whether to continue the safari for advanced booking or to follow the ban. 

After much confusion finally the forest department has decided to cancel all the advanced bookings of full-day and half-day tiger safari in Ranthambore National Park. However, the money would be refunded to those who have already booked the safari online. 

According to a senior forest department official, “There are about 550 advanced bookings of full-day and half-day safaris done online mostly. We have decided to cancel these bookings as the ban on these safaris has already come into effect.”

As per the sources the park might have to refund about Rs 3 crore against these bookings. The park officials would first contact the people who have done advanced booking of these safaris online. These people would be given an option if they want to convert it to a regular safari or need a full refund. The refund will be initiated against the bookings after their confirmation.

In a state wildlife board meeting conducted on September 13, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also expressed that the full-day and half-day safari is not in the favour of tiger preservation efforts in the state. He said that tiger conservation was more important than revenue generation.

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