Jaipur Bhopal flight resumes, know the schedule

Flight from Bhopal to Jaipur resumes from Thursday leaving passengers happy, now reach Jaipur from Bhopal in just two hours, know the schedule here


There is good news for the passengers going from Jaipur to Bhopal. Air connectivity from Jaipur to Bhopal has been restored. Indigo Airlines flight has started flying from Jaipur to Bhopal from Thursday. Passengers will reach Pink City Jaipur to Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal in less than two hours. 

Now reaching Bhopal from Jaipur has become easy with the flight resuming its operation. Passengers going to Jaipur looked very happy and excited about this flight service as all the 72 seats of the flight were booked on the very first day. 

According to the Airport Director, Ramji Awasthi, “Passengers will get a lot of benefit from this flight and they are also very happy. We would urge the company to run this flight daily. Earlier passengers going to Bhopal from Jaipur used to travel by train. It used to take a lot of time, but now with this new flight travel to Bhopal has become easy.”

This flight will take 1 hour 50 minutes for coming from Jaipur to Bhopal and while going from Bhopal to Jaipur, it will take 1 hour 40 minutes.

72 seater ATR aircraft available

The first flight from Jaipur to Bhopal was started by the government company’s airline Alliance Air. About 4 years ago, the flight of Alliance Air was stopped. After this, SpiceJet started the flight from Bhopal to Jaipur, but during the pandemic, SpiceJet closed its base station. Due to this, the passengers had to be deprived of the low fare service. 

But now Indigo has filled this gap. Now Indigo is running 72 seat ATR aircraft from Jaipur to Bhopal. On the first day 64 passengers traveled from Jaipur to Bhopal by this aircraft and then when the flight took off from Bhopal to Jaipur, 72 passengers traveled in it.

Flight Schedule

  • Departure time from Jaipur – 5:10 pm 
  • Arrival time in Bhopal – 7:00 pm 
  • Departure time from Bhopal – 7:20 pm 
  • Arrival time in Jaipur – 9:00 pm
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