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Token system to start travelling in Jaipur metro from Oct 15


Jaipur Metro administration has decided to allow the token facility for the Jaipur metro passengers. It came as a big relief as the festive season is about to come. People will be able to benefit from this facility from October 15. 

A ‘token sanitization machine’ has also been installed at Jaipur Metro Mansarovar Depot to sanitize the tokens. In this boxed machine, electricity will generate ultraviolet rays, so that tokens can be sanitized. With this, all the tokens used in the journey will be sanitized at the end of the day. This way all the tokens will be virus free and passengers will be able to travel safely.

Currently, only the people having a smart card can travel in the Jaipur metro. This initiative was started because of demand and convenience of market association and many passengers.

According to the Jaipur Metro Chairman and Managing Director Bhaskar A. Sawant, “Jaipur metro is starting the system of travelling by tokens from October 15. With this arrangement, locals, as well as tourists, will be able to go shopping in Walled city. Significantly, this format will not affect the validity of the card. CM has granted orders to travel with tokens.”

Now the necessity of smart cards to travel in the metro has ended. As per an official, some passengers were having difficulty in recharging the card. As a result, many times passengers were coming to the metro station to travel without a card and this was creating trouble. Due to this, it has been decided to issue the token from October 15. 

The move is expected to increase the ridership as many commuters cancelled travelling in the metro in the absence of tokens. Allowing tokens will boost 300 to 1,000 passengers. Currently, a passenger needed to buy a card to travel in Jaipur Metro after paying Rs 100. This made a poor person, travelling with three family members unable to afford Rs 300 for travelling. Due to this, nearly 300 people were returning from the stations daily. 

The permission to travel by smart card was only to prevent infection from passengers. But now, the metro administration has permitted people to travel by token as well.

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