Health Department issues new guidelines for home isolation

Health Department issues new guidelines for home isolation


As nowadays most of the patients suffering from coronavirus are undergoing treatment under home isolation. In a move to take care of them, the health department on Wednesday issued a booklet. The booklet enlists the guidelines on how to take care of patients under home isolation. This booklet will be distributed to all patients under home isolation.

The circular with instructions will be released at the district level. It will be allotted along with a kit of medicines. The medications will include 10 paracetamol tablets, 10 zinc sulphate tablets of 50mg, and 20 Vitamin C tablets of 500 mg.

The booklet will contain all information about the protocols of home isolation as well as advice for both caregiver and the patients at home.

Some of the major guidelines that the patient should follow are that they should isolate themselves in a separate room and also use a separate toilet. If they need food and other necessary items, only one caregiver from outside the room will provide them. 

The booklet will also contain all the details of safety and preventive measures a patient must avoid to ensure the protection of other family members from getting infected.

Akhil Arora, Principal secretary of the health department issued the statement stating that the kit should comprise 10 masks for Covid patients who are under home isolation for 14 days.

Apart from this, the doctors in the war room under the chief medical health officer in each district are also instructed to monitor the health of the patient under home isolation. They should contact the patient at least three times. The patient will be provided with the necessary treatment depending on their condition checked by the doctors. If the condition of the patient worsens under home isolation, he will be switched to the hospital after the doctors advise.

Once the 14 days of home isolation gets over, the doctors will inform the patient about the isolation period being over. This would be based on their health condition. In Rajasthan, more than 75% of the Covid patients are under home isolation from alone Jaipur city.

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