Cooking gas price in Jaipur

Cooking gas price in Jaipur gets costlier by Rs 50

The cost of LPG cylinders in Rajasthan have been raised by oil and gas companies. Domestic cylinder prices hiked by Rs 50 and commercial by Rs 350.


The price of a 14.2 kg Domestic liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder has been increased by petroleum and oil marketing companies. The price has been increased by Rs 50 for domestic gas cylinders, and Rs 350 for commercial cylinders

With this, the cost of domestic LPG cylinder in Rajasthan has reached Rs 1106.50, while the commercial cylinder rate has crossed Rs 2000 and reached at Rs 2138.

This is the first time prices have gone so high leading to a new record in LPG prices. Last year, the companies increased rates multiple times. This decision will further increase the economic burden on the state government from next month.

The increase in gas prices will directly impact the pockets of more than one crore 75 lakh 48 thousand consumers in Rajasthan, and the rise in commercial gas prices will affect the prices of other items in the city as well.

Since the lockdown was inflicted in April 2020, the central government has ceased the subsidy given on LPG, which was Rs 147 per cylinder until April 2020. Presently, a cylinder without subsidy is available for Rs 1003, up from Rs 583 in May 2020.

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