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A complete guide to travel safe in Jaipur during Covid


Staying at home has become a new normal. Despite the quarantine rules and ongoing advice to remain at home, all we need during this pandemic is to reduce stress and anxiety. And nothing can soothe and rejuvenate us better than travelling and why not! A little shift from this normal is essential to keep going. Many people are having an urge to travel after being stuck at home for several months. Rajasthan has opened its borders to visitors even though COVID-19 continues. The capital, Jaipur is a World Heritage Site everyone longs to visit, due to its forts, monuments, lakes, bazaars, and restaurants. With various rules and quarantine regulations, it is quite difficult to plan a safe vacation. We will guide you on how to plan a safe travel in Jaipur during Covid.  

Is Travelling to Jaipur Safe?

Are you planning to travel in Jaipur post lockdown? Yes, it is surely safe to travel to Jaipur adhering to the basic health guidelines. The Rajasthan Tourism Board is ensuring strict safety measures for travellers safety. 

Are the tourist places reopened in Jaipur? 

Yes, most of the monuments, hotels, restaurants and markets are open. But make sure you book reservations for the cab, hotel, the table in a restaurant, etc in advance. This way you would be sure that you won’t end up in any hassle. 

Which tourists places to explore

Albert Hall

Travel local

If you are much worried about going out for a long trip then take out time to appreciate the local beauty. 

Jantar Mantar: Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory recognized as the world heritage site by UNESCO. Those who take a lot of curiosity in astronomy and architecture must visit here.

Hawa Mahal: Jaipur’s Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal is a marvellous piece of architecture engraved out of red and pink sandstones. In the shape of Lord Krishna’s crown, it is recognized as the tallest building in the world built without a foundation.

City palace: Beat the stress mounted up with lockdown at City Palace. The palace showcases a blend of the Indian Vastu Shastra and architecture combining Mughal, Rajput and European styles.

Amer Fort: The popular Amer Fort is one of the most visited forts in Jaipur. It is a marvellous blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The fascinating beauty of Amer Fort at night is an attraction.

Nahargarh fort: To get away with the pile up the boredom of the lockdown, explore the scenic beauty of Nahargarh fort. Built at hilltop it provides a stupendous view of the city. 

Jal Mahal: Jal Mahal is a natural beauty within Mann Sagar Lake. Nothing can refresh you from the lockdown blues, watching a mesmerising view of a sunset glow shining over the shimmering water, the beautifully lit Mahal and the twinkling stars. 

Albert Hall: Albert Hall is a Museum that promotes the local artisans’ work. Explore its exquisite collection and its splendid architecture.

Gaitore ki Chhatriyan: Gaitore is a royal crematorium for the Kachwaha, a Rajput clan having an astounding architecture. Royal dome-shaped cenotaphs made with sandstone and marble resemble the ornate towers within palaces scatter the ground.

Road trips to nearby places

jaipur road

If you have time the best you can do is to plan a road trip to places with lesser crowds to stay safe. There are many attractive places around the city that are excellent for a road trip. Avoid mainstream places and spend your weekend at these less touristy places. 

Ranthambore: Ranthambore offers a picturesque stretch which depicts the exquisitely rich culture of the state. Ranthambore is a heaven for nature enthusiasts and is popular for its safari tours & biodiversity.

Pushkar: Discover the spirituality and tranquillity of Pushkar along with its beautiful architectural wonder. You can sit around the lake for some relief and serenity.

Kanota Dam: Approximately 18kms away from Jaipur is Kanota is a perfect scenic beauty. Enjoy the quiet atmosphere, bird watching, lovely breeze and the blue lake that will take away all your lockdown blues.  

Sambhar Lake: Located just 2 hours away from Jaipur, Sambhar Lake is India’s largest inland saltwater lake. You can spot gorgeous flamingos nestling themselves in the water which is a stunning view. 

Sariska National Park: Sariska National Park is a tiger reserve forest situated in the Alwar district. It offers a thrilling wildlife experience and is also home to the ruins of medieval temples.

How To Reach Jaipur

By Air – You can reach Jaipur via air either through the Jaipur International Airport or from airports at Udaipur and Jodhpur. The Jaipur Airport is currently receiving flights from Mumbai, Delhi, and more than ten other domestic destinations.

By Train – If you wish to reach via railways, special trains are running to Jaipur from major cities like Mumbai, Jodhpur and Delhi.

By road – Reaching through roadways hiring a cab or through your car is the best and safest option. The movement of all vehicles is permitted in Jaipur. 

How to get around in Jaipur

jaipur city

To avoid a hassle in your trip make sure you book a cab or taxi beforehand. There are cab services such as Uber and Ola which are safe to travel in Jaipur. You can also hire a car from a reputed local travel company to ease your trip. 

Where to stay in Jaipur

Are you worried about which hotel or resort is safe to stay while you travel Jaipur during Covid? Jaipur is blessed with hotels that will make your stay royal yet safe and pocket-friendly. You can pick from luxury stay options to budget hotels. The hotels and resorts are very well taking care of hygiene and sanitization. Know about the best safe and secure staying options in Jaipur.

Where to eat in Jaipur

When travelling to Jaipur, one can’t miss trying the Rajasthani food. All these past months you must be battling with your craving for the tempting food and variety of culinary delicacies. You may end up all your food cravings piled up over these few months in Jaipur safely. The restaurants and cafes of Jaipur are ensuring safety with mandatory thermal screening, hand sanitization, disinfecting surfaces, and other essential measures. 

Precautions for Jaipur covid travel guidelines

covid travel

You just have to take precautions, be duly cautious, adhering to health guidelines, and you will be all set for a great vacation and travel Jaipur during Covid. 

Days in Jaipur are pleasant and nights are cold. Make sure you take enough warm clothes for the evenings. 

Before You Leave make sure you take a test on the Aarogya Setu App to verify your health condition. If you notice any symptoms it is best not to plan a trip and stay at home. 

Always wear masks and gloves whenever you step out to stay protected from unnecessary exposure.  Maintain Social distancing by keeping a distance of a minimum of 6 feet from others. 

Carry a first aid kit with medicines for cold, cough, fever, and a thermometer. The most critical symptoms of COVID-19 is fever. A thermometer will help you keep track of your health checking your body temperature frequently. 

Keep a sanitizer handy to regularly clean your hands to stay away from the microbes settling on common surfaces we come in contact with. 

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