Things that prove you a true Jaipurite!

Jaipur Palaces

Everyone loves the city they live in, their hometown. Even many times a person’s trait shows the hints of a specific city they belong to. They are so into their city or we can say their city is so much into them. Same goes with Jaipur and Jaipurites. There is something about this city dotingly known as the Pink city, which connects everyone deeply with it makes everyone fall in love with it. Whether born in Jaipur or have been living for a few years the compelling city makes you it’s own. No matter how much the Pink city evolves by the time there are few things which never change. There are a few things which every die-hard Jaipur resident can relate to. Let’s discover the things that prove you a true Jaipurite!

Picnic means Nahargarh

Nahargarh is the famous picnic spot of Jaipur. With monsoon coming, the first thought that catches every Jaipurites mind is a picnic and that too at Nahargarh. The heart robbing natural scenes from the Nahargarh along with amazing bhutta and dal pakodi at RTDC makes the day. 

A visit to Choki Dhani is must

Chokhi Dhani is the possession of every Jaipurite, they can’t stop bragging about the place to their guests or people from other cities. Every guest is taken to Choki Dhani once for sure. Chokhi Dhani is a Rajasthani village themed which let you experience the rich culture and the taste of this royal state.

Raj Mandir magic is still on

Even multiplex and malls have taken over the old theatres, but Raj Mandir still holds its charm. This is the most beautiful theatre in Asia. Every Jaipurite loves to watch afternoon enjoyable movie shows at Rajmandir having pyaaz ki kachori in the interval. It is the best place to take your with friends and relatives from far off.

Shopping means the walled city

Shopping is synonymous to Jaipur and in Jaipur, the one and only walled city are the places to shop your heart out. For Jaipurites malls are just the wandering spots, for a genuine shopping they head straight to the walled city. For jewellery its Johri Bazar and for traditional clothes it Bapu Bazar without any second thought. These Bazaars are popular worldwide for drawing the highest numbers of shoppers.

World Trade Park, a selfie destination

If you are a true Jaipurite, then you would have definitely taken your picture clicked at World Trade Park at least once. Not having your picture at WTP makes you envious when you see people taking photographs at World Trade Park.

Best hangout place, Gaurav Tower of GT

Despite many malls have come up GT still rules every Jaipurites heart. No hanging out spot can beat Gaurav Towers. It is the most celebrated area to hang out for Jaipurites. It is a must-go destination of every youth in the city.

Jaipur has its own Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal

For Jaipurites their Taj Mahal lies in the heart of the city decked in pink colour known as Hawa Mahal. One just can’t get enough of the grandeur of Hawa Mahal.

Samosa Kachori and Mirchi bada are love

Jaipurites are so fond of Samosa, kachori and Mirchi vada. They can have it even in the 44°C in summer. Some of them have their daily routine to munch on their favourite snack no matter how hot its outside.

The craze for traditional attire

In spite of living in the 21st generation and carrying modern lifestyles, Jaipurites have still preserved their rich tradition quite superbly. No matter how trendy they are every Jaipurite wardrobe has bandhej, leheriya, and Gota Patti work attires for sure. Your love for traditional attires is the one of the things that proves you a true Jaipurite.

Dal Baati Churma, the soulful meal

Dal Bati Churma for a Rajasthani is just like Rajma Chawal for a Punjabi. It makes every Jaipurite forget to count on calories. It’s not just a meal but happiness. Mere its name conjures up the joy in a Jaipurite and can’t resist without indulging in Dal Baati Churma.

Coffee in winters at Statue circle

During chilly weather and temperature touching 3 degrees, a cup of coffee at statue circle is what satisfies a Jaipurite. No cafe or restaurant can beat the level of Statue Circle Coffee. With your car is parked in the no parking area a cup of coffee and night walk around, it’s blissful. Saras Sankul is another favourite nightspot of youngsters.

Wandering on roads amidst glittering markets

Diwali is incomplete without a trip to the walled city at night to see the buildings and market drenched in the brightest lights and themed décor.

Addressing each other with Bana or Hokum

You can often hear Jaipurites calling each other with the connotation of the word Bana, Baisa, and hokum. These are part of their daily conversations. This is a perfect things that prove you a true Jaipurite.

A speed drive at JLN

Every car-crazy Jaipurite might have once raced on JLN road competing with your friends. Yes, you heard it right JLN is Jaipurites Formula 1 race track for some people. You should never do it being true Jaipurite. Aviod such things as such things does not make you Jaipurite.

Spotting an elephant in between the roads

Jaipurites are used to seeing an elephant block your way on the main road. As Jaipur is a royal city one must not be surprised to see elephants in the city area. It feels proud to see the grandeur.

Stop by at Sanjay Omelette

Jaipurites favourite sport for satisfying their instant hunger pangs. They have spent most of their evening with friends here, waiting for their turn to gorge on egg rolls, egg biryani and all egglicious things. It is one of the top things that prove you a true Jaipurite.

Hangout at Saras Parlour

Be it early morning escape or late-night plan, Saras parlour is never far for a Jaipurite. The doodh Jalebi and coffee attracts the youth of Jaipur at this place. This is a favourite meeting point to which every Jaipurite can relate to.

Hookah spots at Central park

Central Park is a destination for all college bunkers to head for the secret hookah moments. The place has many hideouts for hookahs.

Reliving childhood memories at Jal Mahal Icecream parlour

With many ice cream parlours mushrooming in the city a true Jaipurite still cannot get over the memories of having icecream in childhood at Jal Mahal ice cream parlour. It is the place where most of the Jaipurites can connect themselves spending their garmi ki chuttiyan at Nani’s city and which still revives those old memories.

Moti Doongri for good grades

Those visits to the temple before the exams to pray for good grades drive every Jaipurites through their school time memories. Visiting Moti Doongri before exams is one of the common things that prove you a true Jaipurite.

The list is endless. Every Jaipurite can relate to these things for sure. These are not just the things but a trip through memory lane of every Jaipurite.

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