Jaipur Student develops UV-E SAFE kit to check coronavirus


A 23-year-old boy from Jaipur named K. Gautam Kumar developed a UV-E kit that helps in sanitising money, documents, files, and other belongings within a minute. He is a student of Bharatiya Skill Development University entrepreneurship skills.

Kumar excelled in developing a kit that disinfects all surfaces, such as laptops, mobiles phones, jewellery and other such daily use items which can get soiled due to the use of regular, alcoholic liquid sanitisers with a simple machine! The machine is capable of killing coronavirus on such items, which is impossible to sanitize through conventional means.

Stating the reason behind the innovation, K Gautam Kumar said, “In times of a global pandemic like Covid-19, a sudden need to sanitise our belongings has emerged. These belongings could be mobiles, laptops or any other thing that we carry. Cleaning the academic materials was a real challenge so that these could be exchanged without the fear of infection. This was the reason behind this invention.”

Describing the device, Professor Achintya Choudhary, President, BSDU, said, “Our student out of his creative mindset believed that cannot stop the virus but they can control the transmission. The use of ultraviolet ensures that up to 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens are killed in a minute. It’s safe and moreover, it is portable as the sleek design makes it easy to carry it around.”

“We can’t escape using daily routine stuff such as currency, keys, documents, mobile phone, jewellery, or laptop as all these are possible carriers of the pathogens they come in contact with. We can wash our hands or clean the hard surfaces but it is not always possible to clean many of these things with a sanitizer. Grabbing these things can reverse the act of washing our hands infecting us in return. Here, the UV-E SAFE kit could prove to be a great boon to us,” he added.

The principal of the School of Entrepreneurship Skills, Professor Ravi Kumar Goyal explained the advantages and making of this machine. He said, “The UV-E SAFE kit has the capability to eradicate almost all types of pathogens, bacteria and viruses. It can also control the exposure of UV rays. The box has been made using a robust CKT design technology which makes it long-lasting. Also, it has zero maintenance and hassles free installation.”

It is useful in all possible sectors like in domestic use, institutions, banking, commercial and industrial. It can easily be installed in wardrobes, boxes, drawers, etc with completely protecting our skin and hand.

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has exposed us to the underlying threat of infection transmission through coming in contact with our belongings. We cannot avoid carrying them and using a sanitizer could be a tricky task. The UV-E SAFE kit is a solution. Using this kit, within a few minutes the bacteria covering our belongings can be eradicated.