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The heritage wall of Jaipur to undergo renovation

Jaipur Municipal Corporation-Heritage to repair and renovate an encroachment-free section of the heritage wall in Jaipur to conserve its legacy.


With an aim to scale up and protect and preserve the city’s historic heritage, the encroachment-free section of the wall of Jaipur is soon to undergo refurbishment. Jaipur Municipal Corporation-Heritage has formulated a structure to restore and refurbish the heritage wall.

The main wall of the city is battered and needs to be revived. The Jaipur Municipal Corporation-Heritage has taken the initiative to revive the wall and revamp the encroachment-free section of the wall. Almost one-third of the total length of the wall is free from trespassing and now will be enhanced and intensified with the help of streamlined measures.

Awaiting Financial approval 

As per the reports, the wall extends for a total length of 18 km, only 6 km is free from encroachment and is under the current plan. The remaining area of the wall is usually thronged by numerous people and thus will be a lengthy and complicated task to vacant it and make it available for renovation

According to a senior official, ” Presently, the project needs financial approval and for this, it has been sent to higher authorities. Once it gets the financial sanctions, the work is expected to begin soon.

An initiative to preserve the city’s historic heritage

The need to revive this wall was also stated in UNESCO’s list and therefore efforts had to be made to undertake the renovation process. However, the struggle to remove the encroachments will also have to be done. However, JMC Heritage had earned aid to revamp the wall into a trespass-free area but the plans related to this could not be put into action. As the area is invaded by thousands of people, well-structured plans are needed to revamp it.

Furthermore, a large part of this wall has been hit hard by the ruins of time and occurs demolished. Thus, it is the need of the hour and essential to protect and preserve the city’s heritage.

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