retirement homes

Township for elders ‘Retirement Homes’ will be formed

Elders will now have their own township named 'Retirement Homes'. It will have all the facilities as per the needs of senior citizens


Now a separate township will be formed for senior citizens in the state. It will be named ‘Retirement Homes’. The Urban Development Department Jaipur issued a notification to the builders regarding the development of a township for elders. Builders bringing such township schemes will get many exemptions.

The Urban Development Department has issued a notification in this regard. The criteria for such a plan have been laid down in the township policy. Under the scheme, the builder who brings the group housing scheme will get many exemptions.

Only people above 60 years of age will be allowed to live in it and construction will be done according to their convenience. Apart from this, only destitute children will be allowed to live with them, whose relatives have died due to any natural calamity or terrorist attack. The township will be built within 500 meters radius of a residential scheme and existing hospital.

This blueprint of the township was prepared based on the recommendation of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Builders will get 100 % exemptions in following

  • Building plan approval fees
  • Betterment Levy
  • Conversion Fee
  • Plot Reorganization and Subdivision Fee
  • Reconstitution of two plots will be allowed

Technical parameters to be followed

  • Maximum 40% construction can be done in the ground area.
  • Required to leave 150 square meters for a four-wheeler.
  • 10% of the parking will be for visitors.
  • The flats in the apartments will have one to two rooms. The corporate area will be 60 to 100 sqm.

A Guest House facility for children visiting their parents

The apartment will be especially useful for those parents whose children live outside and they live alone.

Only those will be eligible to purchase a flat whose age is more than 60 years or come to live there after the prescribed age.

The flat owner will be able to rent it only to a person-couple whose age is above 60 years of age.

A married son or daughter will be allowed to stay with them temporarily, for this the developer will have to provide a guest house facility.

The developer will also have to provide this facility

There will be a round-the-clock emergency medical facility within the apartment, township itself. Also, it is mandatory to do tie-ups with the nearest hospital.

A pharmacy facility inside and a round-the-clock caretaker available.

A community kitchen, Dining hall, Shopping facility, and other recreational facilities.

Construction of apartments, and flats as per the requirement of senior citizens.

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