Rajasthan govt bans kite flying for 4 hours

The Rajasthan government put a ban on kite flying from 6 to 8 in the morning and 5 to 7 in the evening, Kite fliers who break the rules may be arrested.


The Rajasthan government has banned kite flying in the morning and evening across the state. Kite flying will be banned from 6 to 8 in the morning and 5 to 7 in the evening as per the provisions of Section 144. 

Citing the orders of the High Court, the Home Department has issued its advisory. Collectors have already issued orders related to this in many districts. If anyone is found flying kites during the restricted time and violates the rules, they may be arrested. 

Cited to be dangerous

In the advisory of the Home Department, kite flying in the morning and evening is cited as dangerous. The use of Chinese manjha, plastic, synthetic manjha, iron, glass threads in flying kites is hazardous to the lives of birds and common people. Is. In the past, there have been incidents of throat slitting with Chinese Manjha at many places in the state.

Action may be taken

Now the police will keep an eye on those who fly kites in the morning and evening. Kite flying in the period from 6 to 8 in the morning and 5 to 7 in the evening will be considered a violation of the provisions of section 144. Police will take action on doing this.

Prohibition on the sale of Chinese manjha

There is a ban on the sale and use of Chinese manjha made of iron, glass and synthetic. Despite the ban, these manjas are being sold indiscriminately in the markets during the season of kite flying before Makar Sankranti. Chinese manjhas are being sold openly in all the districts. Everyday people are getting injured in its grip.

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