Sri Lanka explosion

Sri Lanka explosion: 8 massive blasts on the island nation killing 290 people


After a decade of peace A series of devastating bomb blasts in high-end hotels and churches in Sri Lanka on Sunday. The incident happened during the Easter mass celebrations. 290 people killed including 6 Indians and several foreigners.

As per the reports, the first six blasts at hotels and churches occurred at around 8.45 am when the Easter masses were in progress. The six blasts were powerful and quick. Hours late at around 3 in the evening the other two blasts took place ripping apart hundreds of people in the worst violence. Over 500 people injured. Bodies are taken to the hospitals in cities Batticaloa, Negombo, and capital city Colombo.

Out of the six Indians killed in the attack, four have been identified as PS Razeena, Lakshmi, Narayan Chandrashekhar, and Ramesh.

Sri Lanka also imposed curfew immediately after the eighth blast reported in Colombo on Sunday. Eight suspects were arrested and further investigation is going on whether the attackers had any links overseas.

A day after the 8 severe blasts, police have arrested 24 suspects in connection with the blasts while another bomb was defused near the Colombo airport.

There was a peace in the country since the end of civil war in 2009. Sri Lanka has since turned into a popular tourist destination. This attack evoked the scariest memories of deadly civil war which killed almost 100,000 people. The recent attack was a target on the Christian minority in Sri Lanka.

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