World Earth Day

World Earth Day: Go green and celebrate!


Each year on 22nd April, world celebrates the Earth day. It’s a day set aside to celebrate our beautiful and generous mother earth.

The Earth day marks the birth anniversary of the modern environmental movement started in 1970. Founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, the Earth day aims to promote ecology and to encourage environmental awareness. The day evoked the consciousness of putting environment concerns at priority, appreciating the Earth’s environment.

Many countries celebrate Earth Day with outdoor performances, conducting acts such as planting trees, picking up roadside trash, conducting various programs for recycling and conservation. World Earth day is a timely reminder that there is much on this earth for us to be thankful for.

Today, let us make the world a better place and make sure we always have this world, it only needs for each one of us to make a small difference to improve our relationship with the environment. Your small action can make a huge difference. If we can all take one small step the earth will provide us with all the resources we need to live a happy and healthy life for many thousands of years to come.

What are some ways that you show kindness to yourself, an animal, a plant or the earth? Take a kindness challenge and get started. It’s never too late. Have a contest, with your friends, family, and neighbors to see how many acts of anonymous kindness one can do in a day. Ask them to think of several things an individual could do that would bring a smile to someone’s face. Include the earth in the acts of kindness. Some of the changes you can bring are by planting more trees, using dustbins, eating seasonal foods, making more use of natural light, using recyclable products, avoiding much use of the air polluting stuff. You can also get to know about how recycling helps the earth by visiting a recycling center. Feed and care for the animals around you or you can also visit the animal shelter in your area. There are many such kind acts you can do. Keep track of your own progress. Tally the total with others and celebrate the kindness that you have brought to the earth and the people on it

What you will give the earth, the earth will give back to you! Get connected with the world around you! Spread kindness and care about the earth. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Go green!

Happy Earth Day!

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