Rajasthan's first traffic robot

Jaipur to have a Robocop to direct the traffic in the city

Jaipur will soon be the first city in Rajasthan where a Robot will control the traffic. This robot will be installed at the JDA circle.


Jaipur has been gaining prominence among developing cities and will soon become a city with a robot controlling traffic. Now a robot will be installed at JDA circle of Jaipur to regulate the traffic at intersections like policemen. Along with this, the cameras will keep an eye on those who break the traffic norms. A challan will be generated and issued to violators. 

It has been approved by the JDA and traffic department. The robot has an inbuilt public address system and a hi-tech camera to keep an eye on vehicles. The camera will be able to take pictures of traffic violators and generate an e-challan.

The robot will be 14 feet, installed at a height of 6 feet

As per the demo given by the robot company, “The robot will be 14 feet in height and it will be installed on a 6 feet high pedestal. One arm of the robot will be 4.1 feet long, while the other hand is 2 feet. The head of the robot will be only 2 feet. It will have three different types of displays in it. The topmost display will show traffic signals, the second will show timers and the third display will show the speed of passing vehicles.”

Hi-tech cameras will monitor the vehicles

According to the Additional Police Commissioner, Haider Ali Zaidi, “High-quality cameras have been installed at many places in Jaipur while the work of installing hi-tech cameras at major intersections is still under process. Through these cameras, action is being taken against the drivers who violate the rules. Many agencies are providing resources to the Jaipur Traffic Police.”

Rajasthan’s first traffic robot to be installed at Jaipur 

At JDA circle, soon a robot will be seen directing and monitoring the busy traffic system at the intersection. The robot will be provided to the Jaipur Traffic Police by JDA. The cost of this traffic robot system will be around 20 lakh rupees. The robot will be equipped with features such as LED displays, lights, sensors, timers and cameras. Both the hands of the robot will automatically adjust according to the traffic. It will also trace the vehicles passing through the green signal.

At the same time, after connecting to Wifi, the view of the robot’s cameras can be seen from the laptop, tablet and RLVD system. Green-red-yellow traffic signals will be visible on the LED display installed in it. Along with this, information about many important things will be found.

The country’s first traffic robot installed at Robot Circle of Indore

Jaipur will become the second city in the country. The first traffic robot in the country was used in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Jaipur will be the second city and second smart city in the country where a robot will replace humans in traffic management.

Here’s everything you need to know:

1. The robot has an inbuilt public address system and a Wi-Fi-enabled camera that will be able to take pictures of traffic violators and generate an e-challan.

2. It can revolve on its axis and has movable arms that can produce hand signals.

3. The robot is installed on a six-foot pedestal at the busy JDA circle intersection in the city.

4. The drive will offer some relaxation to the many traffic police officers who spend multiple hours a day toiling in the sun.

5. The installation would make the process error-free, besides it would also ensure the issuance of challans to those who violate traffic norms.

6. The project was undertaken confidentially by the JDA in collaboration with the robotics department. 

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