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Smart Raj App to apply for various certificates online


Smart Raj App is being launched, people will no longer have to step out to apply for various certificates, NOCs, and home construction approvals to Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC).

Smart Raj App is being launched under the Smart Raj Scheme which enables you to apply for various certificates including FIR, NOC, marriage registration, birth and death certificates, home construction approval and trade license online.

According to a senior JMC officer, “We are soon to launch the app and will train the officials and staff on how to use the app. The training camps will be organized until May 25. Software and hardware for the app are being installed at all the eight JMC zones.”

“The app will reduce corruption as the people won’t need middlemen to get their civic work done at the JMC,” added the officer.

A meeting was held at state secretariat presided over by principal secretary Siddhartha Mahajan on Friday. The JMC officials are directed to start work on the Smart Raj App from June 1.

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