PM Modi in Jaipur today for DG-IG conference

PM Modi in Jaipur today for DG-IG conference

PM Modi will come to Jaipur today for the DG-IG conference, City on high alert for three days, change in traffic routes.


PM Modi is coming to Jaipur to attend the DG-IG conference. Home Minister Amit Shah and NSA Director Ajit Doval will also participate in this conference for three days. Jaipur is going to remain on high alert for three days from today. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reach Jaipur this evening to attend the DG-IG conference. During this time he will also interact with newly elected MLAs, ministers and party officials. Along with them, heads of many agencies are going to be present at this DG-IG conference.

CM Bhajanlal Shaman also reached BJP headquarters on Thursday evening regarding PM Modi’s visit. He held a meeting with party officials regarding preparations here. After becoming Prime Minister, Modi is holding a meeting at the state BJP headquarters for the first time. 

Modi will arrive in the evening

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave from Delhi on January 5 at 4:30 pm to attend the ongoing DG-IG conference at Rajasthan International Centre. His plane will land in Jaipur at 5:30 in the evening. From Jaipur Airport the PM will directly reach Rajasthan International Centre. PM will be present in the program till 9 pm. PM will reach Raj Bhavan at 9.30 pm.

Where we will rest at night. On January 6, the PM will leave for Rajasthan International Center from Raj Bhavan at 8 am. He will reach the center at 8.15. DG will be present in the conference with IG at Modi Center itself till 8 pm. On January 7, the PM will again reach the center at 8 am to be present in the program. After the meeting with the officials, we will leave for Delhi at 4:30 pm.

Special decoration done at party headquarters

Special decorations and lighting have been done at the office for the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the BJP state headquarters. From the main building to the office premises have been decorated on the theme of lotus. At the same time, BJP flags have been put up by the organization on the route from Jaipur Airport to BJP office and Raj Bhavan. Special decorations have been done by the administration.

Rajasthan Police has made accommodation arrangements for all the guests in government residences. Care has been taken that no guest should be accommodated in a private hotel.

SPG maintained the front for 10 days

Due to the Prime Minister’s stay in the DG-IG conference for such a long time, SPG has held the lead for the last 10 days. SPG has taken control of Rajasthan International Centre. There is a heavy police guard on every route coming and going here. SPG itself has taken the responsibility of security and order. State Police has been asked to make arrangements

DGP Rajasthan received invitation

DGP Rajasthan has also been invited to this three-day program in this conference. This invitation from the Home Ministry was sent to the DGs of all the states. One or two officers will brief each state.

During the DG-IG conference, strategic information, intelligence, border security, laser wall on the border, weapons and updated weapons for the force will be discussed. Also, 21 topics including cyber intelligence will be discussed during this conference. During this time, all DG or IG should get a chance to speak on law and order and crime of their state.

Tasks regarding Lok Sabha elections and Ram Mandir darshan

PM Narendra Modi will hold a meeting of party MLAs and organization officials at BJP headquarters and give important tasks before the Lok Sabha elections. There will be discussion on accelerating the schemes of the Central Government and the programs of the organization. At the same time, PM Modi can also give tasks to the leaders regarding the inauguration program of Ram Temple to be held on 22 January.

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