Rope-way to Khole ke Hanumanji temple in Jaipur

Rope-way to be built on Khole ke Hanumanji temple in Jaipur

Khole ke hanumanji Temple To Get Ropeway, 436-meter ropeway from Annapurna Mata Temple to the Vaishno Mata Temple.


State’s first automatic and Jaipur’s biggest passenger ropeway is being constructed in the Khole ke Hanumanji temple complex in Jaipur. The name of this ropeway will be Annapurna Mata Ropeway. 

The 436-meter ropeway at Khole ke Hanumanji complex will ride from Annapurna Mata Temple to the Vaishno Mata Temple. After the construction of this rope-way, devotees will be able to easily go to the Vaishnodevi Mata temple built on a 85 meters high hill near the Khole ke Hanuman ji temple. At present, to visit this temple, devotees have to climb 121 steep stairs. 

Length will be 436 meters

This rope-way will be built in a length of about 436 meters. One ropeway ride will take four minutes and 30 seconds.  With this, the devotees will be able to reach Vaishnodevi Mata Temple from Annapurna Temple near the parking lot opened at Hanumanji in 4 minutes. The ride would be stopped twice in between to show the panoramic view of Jaipur to the visiting pilgrims and tourists. 

6 people will be able to sit in a trolley

This ropeway will have a capacity of 24 trolleys and it will be able to ferry 700 to 800 people every hour. 6 people sitting together in a trolley will be able to reach the temple. 

Will be free for children and elders

There will be free facilities for children between 0 to 5 years and senior citizens in the ropeway. No charge will be taken from children below five years of age and adults above 70 years. While Rs 150 has been fixed as the fare for people between the age of 5 to 70 years. 

This will be the fifth ropeway in the state and second after Samaud temple located in Chomu in Jaipur district. An agreement has been signed between the firm and the district administration for the construction of the ropeway. All the permissions for the construction of the ropeway will be issued soon under the Ropeway Act. 

Collector Prakash Rajpurohit along with Forest Department, PWD officials inspected the construction of a rope-way in Khole ke Hanuman ji temple complex. This ropeway will be constructed in two years. 18 crore rupees will be spent on this. 

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