Reasons that will make you travel to Jaipur in monsoon


The rains have finally descended to rescue Jaipur from its rather long sweltering heat. Though every season has something to offer you when you visit Jaipur, the rainy season holds a special place for the people of Jaipur. The onset of monsoon showers adds vibrant and vivid colours to the nature of the Pink City. The monsoon in Jaipur is a month-long feast, celebration and appreciation of nature. Besides sprinkles of rain, this city when drenched in rain gives you many things to go crazy about.

Here’s a sneak peek at the to top reasons why Jaipur monsoon is the best:

Flaunting the Leheriya

leheriya saree
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With monsoon comes the love for Leheriya (multi-coloured tie and dyed saree), the vibrant and colourful traditional drapes. Jaipur markets are flooded with distinctive and vivid patterns of Leheriya in the monsoon times. They very well attract everyone’s attention, making them want to buy one for themselves too. These are not only the traditional wear but everyone’s favourite as they give your wardrobe a unique cultural touch. Ladies love the Jaipur Monsoon for the reason they get to flaunt their Leheriyas every day. 

Irresistible Cravings

mansoon food in jaipur

Monsoon is not only relatable with the rain but with the irresistible cravings for delicacies. With rain, everyone wants to binge over the local delicacies like pakoras, samosa, kachori and Mirchi vada. Not just these, the craving makes you leave your diet plans aside. The food in Jaipur is the perfect way to enjoy drizzling. Dal baati, bhuttas, a hot cup of coffee and many other roadside snacks make your mood and stomach both happy.

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Picnics at Khole Ke Hanumanji

Picnics at Khole Ke Hanumanji jaipur
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Rains make the weather of Jaipur a lot more pleasant and inviting to go for picnics. There is greenery everywhere which makes for the perfect setup for picnics with family and friends. The most famous picnic spot for Jaipurites is at Khole Ke Hanumanji. This spiritual temple offers a mesmerizing view from the top of the hill where you can spend leisure time. Surrounded by lush greenery and small jharnas with sprinkles of rain will make you fall in love with the city. Along with this, you can savour your taste buds with relishing prasadi served here that includes delicious daal baati, Mirchi ke tipore and a variety of churmas. 

Rides for a breathtaking view

Though the bliss of monsoon can be cherished sitting beside your window and having a cup of hot coffee when in Jaipur the best way to admire the monsoon is to step out and explore the city. There’s nothing more soul-satisfying than the smell of rain and sand, feeling the cool breeze, and letting the raindrops kiss you. Plan to explore the city and the nearby spots to experience the serenity monsoon delivers. No one wants to miss the mesmerizing weekend getaway spot surrounded by the Aravalli Hills. The city has many best places in Jaipur to visit during the monsoon which offers beautiful views perfect for eye-capturing Instagram posts.

Saawan Fests

Sawan Festival
The festival is celebrated with the outbreak of the monsoon season.

Monsoon also marks the beginning of festivities. The month is also referred as Sawan month which is considered auspicious and ladies keep a fast on every Monday of this month. Sawan signifies the beginning of the most celebrated festival in monsoon, Teej. Teej is the traditional festival of Rajasthan that commemorates the union of Parvati with Lord Shiva after 100 years. This celebration in Jaipur is an impressive spectacle with joyful processions, myriads of rituals, and delightful savouries. One cannot afford to miss a festival like Saawan when ladies are cheerfully clad in elegant Leheriyas, put henna on their palms, get ready like a newlywed bride.

Saawan Ke Jhoole and Geet


All of us love to swing high on the Jhoolas as they bring out our inner child and make us really happy. The month of monsoon is celebrated with many festivals and rituals. One of the most famous rituals during Sawan month is tying a Jhoola on trees and enjoying the swing while singing Sawan ke geet (folk songs). These Jhoolas are adorned with colourful flowers beautifully and ladies sing folk songs while dancing and enjoying these decorated Jhoolas with friends. This is a rainy month special activity which is awaited for the whole year. Dancing on the tunes of songs related to rains, Jhoolas (swings), and Teej flow in the air throughout Saawan. 

Season special Ghevar


Jaipurites and their bond with Ghevar is hard to describe in words. They wait the whole year for the monsoon to gorge on their favourite Ghevar as it is specially available in this season. Ghevar is a rich Rajasthani delicacy that makes you forget to count the calories with its tempting taste. The ghevar will definitely sway you by its undeniably delicious taste drenched in sugar and garnished with rabri.

Monsoon is not just a season but a moment to experience the culture of Rajasthan as well. The aromatic Ghevar, swings with blossoming flowers, folk songs in the air, and women dressed up in their traditional best with vibrant lehariyas, colourful bangles, intricate Mehendi adds more colours to the essence of the joyous season. Isn’t all these reasons enough to embark on a trip to Jaipur? So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags and plan a trip to Jaipur to relish this season leisurely.

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