Spicejet flight from Jaipur to Kangra

A new flight from Jaipur to Kangra to be started from March 30

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Aviation company SpiceJet has announced a direct flight service between Jaipur and Gaggle Airport of Kangra. This service will start from March 30 and online booking has already been started for this.

On March 30, 72 seater aircraft of SpiceJet will fly from Jaipur at 6:05 in the evening and reach Kangra at 7:35 PM. After that, it will fly from Kangra to Jaipur at 11:40 in the morning. It will take an hour and 25 minutes to reach Jaipur. The rents will start from Rs. 3645 per person. The initiation of this service will facilitate the passengers from Jaipur to Kangra or the people traveling to Dharamshala which is in Kangra, a district in Himachal Pradesh, in North India.

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