Jaipur braced a tourist record during Holi holidays

Jaipur braced a tourist record during Holi holidays

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The number of tourists visiting Jaipur shot up over the past few days and is expected to go even higher in the coming days. The tourists are particularly keen to visit the scheduled IPL 2019 matches at SMS stadium. The match started on March 25.

Jaipur noted a record footfall of tourists and local visitors due to Holi festival leaves and weekend. More than 75000 people visited popular tourist spots and did shopping in the old markets of the city.

This footfall is due to the scheduled IPL 2019 matches in the city, said tourism department officials. A total of seven IPL 2019 matches will be played at SMS Stadium in Jaipur between March 25 and April 27.

According to the officials, the heavy tourist footfall in the city is mostly seen at December end due to winter holidays and June, July during summer holidays. The tourist ratio in the past few days hit the same record as seen during the winter and summer holidays which highly benefited the tourism industry.

On March 22, the visitor’s toll was around 25661 and gathered income of around Rs 35.44 lakh at tourist spots. While the income at tourist spots on March 23 was Rs 27.77 lakh approximately with visitor’s toll of 25714.

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