RBSE to evaluate 10th-12th result

RBSE to evaluate 10th-12th result by previous years marks


The education department has decided on the marks evaluation formula for RBSE 10th-12th result. Formulas of 45:25:10 on 10th and 40:20:20 on 12th, sessional marks will also be added separately like every year.

Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara has released the formula on Wednesday. Under this, the last two years’ examinations will be made the basis for the board results. The evaluation marksheet will be ready in 45 days.

If a student is not satisfied with the results they will be allowed to give the exam. The board will organize the exam for them. Apart from this, those who fill the private form will also give the exam conducted by the board. For this, students have to do online registration for the optional examination. Once opted, only the marks obtained from the optional examination will be considered as the final.

Formulas of 45:25:10 on the 10th and 40:20:20 on the 12th will be used for evaluation. For calculating the percentage of marks, marks of the three subjects with the highest marks will be added. For example, if a student has scored a maximum of 80, 85 and 90 marks in Hindi, English and Science, then these three marks will be added, which comes to 255. Then by dividing this number by three, 85 points are received. Now 45% of this 85 i.e. 38.35 will be added to all subjects.

The subject committee of the school will be evaluating the marks. The subject committee will consist of the principal, class teacher and subject teacher. They will determine the marks based on observations made throughout the year keeping in view the continuous participation and performance of students in various digital sessions.

For the evaluation of 10th marks formula of 45:25:10 will be used. Determination of marks will be done as follows:

45% of marks weightage of 8th board 2019. Marks of the three subjects with the highest marks will be added.

25% of marks weightage in class 9. 

10% of marks obtained in Class 10 school session.

Marks determination formula for 12th Class will be done with formula  as follows:

40% of mark weightage obtained in class 10th board 2019. 20% of marks weightage obtained in class 11.

20% of mark weightage obtained in Class 12 school session.

The remaining 20% marks for both board exams will be based on the internal assessment as done every year.

While the practical examinations of class 12th have been conducted in most of the schools. Now the practical examinations of class 12th in the remaining schools will be conducted online or offline if necessary permission is obtained by the Home and Medical Department. 

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