World's heaviest hand-written Quran exhibited at Ravindra Manch in Jaipur

World’s heaviest hand-written Quran exhibited at Ravindra Manch in Jaipur

2.5 quintal Quran exhibited in Jaipur at Ravindra Manch, 2 people are needed to turn the page, world's heaviest hand-written Quran.


A unique Quran was brought on display at Ravindra Manch in Jaipur. The Quran is approximately 10.5 feet high and 17 feet long (when opened). The weight is two and a half to three quintals. On Tuesday, on the first fast of Ramzan, this Quran was brought to Ravindra Manch from Tonk.

According to the Maulana Jamil Qadri Chishti Tonki, who created the Quran, “This is the largest Quran in the world. Every line of this Quran starts with the Arabic letter Alif (word), hence it is also called Alfi Quran Kareem. It has 41 lines on every page. The binding has silver corners and a golden plate. Brass hinges have been used for opening and closing.

“It takes 2 people to turn or open a page of this Quran and 6 people are needed to open the book. A few years ago a 7 feet long Quran Kareem was prepared in Afghanistan. This is what inspired him,” he added. 

About the unique Quran and its specialty

This is the world’s largest and heaviest hand-written Quran. Its design is also not made by computer but by hand. The papers are also handmade, made in the company of Salim Kaggi of Sanganer. The writer of this is Ghulam Ahmed of Tonk.

Since 22 January 2014, this quran has been on display at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Arabic Prussian Research Institute, Tonk (APRI) with the permission of Haji Mohammad Sher Khan Sahab.

Till now, this Quran has been seen by millions of research scholars from different countries around the world. Not only this, the then Vice President Hamid Ansari also saw it on October 10, 2014.

It was Maulana Jamil Tonki who made the Vice President read the Quran Kareem, which is unique in terms of its calligraphy, carving, binding and size.

Maulana Jameel’s daughters also cooperated

This Alfi Quran has also been written and decorated by the daughters of Maulana Jameel along with their brothers, uncle and father. Hafiz Qari Khattat (calligraphist) Ghulam Ahmed has prepared its design, carving, binding etc. under the supervision of Maulana Jamil Ahmed.

It has been designed by Khattat Khurshid Alam, Zafar Raza Khan, Nazim Ashrafi, Akhtar Jahan, Najmussahar, Gizala Parveen, Faiza Parveen, Hafiz Qari Haji Umar Daraz.

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