Transgender Day of Remembrance

Rajasthan to celebrate Transgender Day of Remembrance

The Rajasthan government creates Rs 10 Crore fund for the transgender community. The state will celebrate a day of remembrance in their honour to boost their morale.

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The Rajasthan government has decided to celebrate ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ on November 20 at the state level. The government created a fund to provide them with the money from surgery to studies and doing business.

The government will celebrate Transgenders Day across the state on 20 November. Kinnar Mahotsav and Kinnar Art and Culture Festival will be organized from state level to district level. The government will give Rs 10 lakh for state-level programmes and Rs 1 lakh for district-level programmes. The programmes will include transgender festivals, sports and other activities. 

Separate scheme for the welfare of transgenders

Despite The Protection of Transgender Rights Act 2019 already in place for transgenders, the central government modified the law. Although work on different schemes to implement the rights of transgenders across the country is in progress, the government has announced to run a scheme related to their welfare by creating a transgender’s upliftment fund in this year’s budget. The government has made a separate scheme for the welfare of transgenders in the state. The government has implemented the scheme by issuing the rules under ‘Transgenders Utthan Kosh’. 

Entire education under government expenses

The complete education for transgender children will be done at government expense. The scheme is being implemented in several phases. The first phase is for transgender children. The benefit of the scheme will be available only to those whose annual income is less than Rs 8 lakh. Transgender children will get Rs 225 in Pre-Metric Scholarship and Rs 1000 for the Post-Metric Scholarship every month. 

Government to bear living expenses of scholarship students 

If the transgender student with a scholarship is pursuing study away from home, then the government will also give the money for the rent of their house. For this, a provision has been made to give up to Rs.72 thousand.

25% subsidy on taking a business loan

The skill development training will be provided to transgenders free of cost. The government will pay the full fee for skill development. Further, to start their own business, the government will give a subsidy of 25% of its cost. A limit of up to Rs 50,000 has been kept in the subsidy, it can also be increased.

2.5 lakh assistance for surgery 

The government will also provide assistance to transgenders to undergo gender change surgery. The government will bear the cost of up to Rs 2.5 lakh for the surgery. For this, they will be attached to the Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Yojana.

Two bigha land for community hall

Apart from this, the government will allot two bighas of land for community building and an old age home for transgenders where all the facilities will be developed for them.

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