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Ban on firecrackers lifted in Rajasthan, burning of green crackers permitted

The Rajasthan government lifted the ban on buying and selling firecrackers. Now buying, selling and burning green firecrackers is allowed.


The Rajasthan Government has allowed buying, selling and burning of ‘Green Firecrackers’ during the approaching festivities. The use of ‘Green Firecrackers’ will only be permitted in Rajasthan excluding the NCR region. The Home Department has issued a new guideline.

In view of the traders’ protest in Rajasthan, the government has decided to lift the ban on firecrackers to some extent. Permission has been given to sell and burn Green Fireworks in the whole of Rajasthan except the area of ​​Alwar, Bharatpur included in NCR. 

The time slot has been fixed for burning Green Fireworks. Fireworks will be permitted for two hours from 8 to 10 pm on Diwali, Gurpurab and other festivals. During the Chhath festival, fireworks will be permitted from 6 am to 8 am. While on Christmas and New Year the Green fireworks can be used from 11:55 pm to 12:30 pm.

Fireworks are not permitted in cities with a bad air quality index

According to the new guidelines issued by the Home Department, “The cities where there is high pollution and poor air quality index, burning green crackers and green fireworks will be restricted. The Air Quality Index will be confirmed from the website of the Central Pollution Control Board. Based on that data, a decision will be taken to ban or remove firecrackers in cities with high pollution. Burning of green crackers will be allowed only if there is any improvement in the Air Quality Index.”

The government changed its decision after the traders protest 

Protests were held across the state against the ban of firecrackers. The firecracker traders had given reminders to the government demanding to call off the ban. Seeing the protest of the traders, the government changed the decision after 15 days of the ban and allowed the sale of green crackers and green fireworks. 

Eco-friendly Green firecrackers

Green crackers are formulated with less polluting raw materials. Their chemical formulation guarantees there is reduced particle emission into the environment by suppressing the dust produced. To identify the green firecrackers, check for the word “Neeri” written on the box or scan the code.

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