Patrika Gate Jaipur

Patrika Gate of Jaipur in country’s top 50 historical buildings

Jaipur's Patrika Gate, included in 50 major historical buildings of the country in the book Magnificent Bharat by Krishna Neha Agarwal.


The Patrika Gate located in Jaipur has been included in the most prominent 50 historical buildings of India in a book named Magnificent Bharat Part 3 published by Krishna Neha Agarwal’s Magnificent. These are the buildings of the country, which tell our glorious history, culture, architecture. 

Krishna Neha Agarwal’s Magnificent Bharat Part 3 has included this monument in the top list looking at the features of the Patrika Gate. Apart from this, many historical buildings including Vijay Stambh of Chittorgarh, Sahasrabahu of Gwalior and Harisadnam temple are included.

Many buildings of Rajasthan are included

This book includes the 12th century Vijay Stambh, Jagdish temple located in Udaipur, Shiv Niwas Palace of Udaipur, Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur. Apart from this, Gwalior Fort and Dwarkadhish Temple of Gujarat are prominent. The Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, situated on 1000 pillars is also included in the list. This temple is also famous for its Vaastu and architecture because of the pillars.

Making the young generation aware

Krishna Neha Aggarwal wrote Magnificent Bharat Part 1 and 2 earlier that are already published and succeeded. According to Krishna Neha, the three books are an initiative to bring awareness about Ancient Bharat to the younger generation. Through these books, the young generation is to be introduced to the glorious supreme history of the country.

Pride of Jaipur 

‘Patrika Gate’ has been constructed by the Patrika group under Mission Anupam Yojana of Jaipur Development Authority. The gate is built on Jawahar Circle located on the busiest Jawaharlal Nehru Marg of Jaipur. The design of this gate is based on the nine-digit Vastu principle that has been given special attention.

Patrika Gate as a monument adds to the legacy of Patrika being impacted and unified with the cultural values of Rajasthan. It is an attempt to bring together the art, craft, and cultural heritage of the state at one place. Apart from the 8 gates of Jaipur, Patrika gate is a unique ninth gate of Jaipur and the most appreciated tourist place in Jaipur.

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