Rajasthan-Secretariat will be paperless

Rajasthan-Secretariat will be paperless in the coming year

The state secretariat will soon to go digital and will be paperless in the new year, trial run of e-filing system successful.


The secretariat that runs the administration of the state will go paperless from January 1. The trial run for the e-filing system in personnel and other departments has been successful for a month. 

In the first phase, more than 40 departments have started running paper files through an e-filing system. The Chief Secretary has also mandated that from January 1, all files in his office should be sent through the e-filing system only. So far, 7000 files have been processed through the e-filing system and the government have also taken important decisions.

A month ago a fire broke out in a room of the Personnel Department in the Secretariat. Due to which important files related to IAS officers were burnt. After this, the Chief Secretary issued the orders to get the e-filing system out of cold storage. 

Trial run started in the Personnel Department

On the orders of the Chief Secretary, the team of experts of the IT department got activated. In the whole of October, training of the e-filing system was given to more than 3 thousand personnel in a phased manner. After witnessing the successful results of the trial run in the Personnel Department, the Chief Secretary immediately ordered it to implement it in other departments as well.

This is how the e-filing system works

A SSO ID has been created for each employee. 

Note sheet is generated through SSO ID to start the correspondence.

The original letter is attached to the note sheet and then OK, please speak or other comments are marked on the letter from the section officer to the chief secretary. 

When the file is cleared, the file arrives in the SSO ID email box and orders for important decisions are issued. 

These will be the benefits of e-filing system

  • Any employee can work from anywhere with their login. 
  • If the speed of work in the secretariat increases, the government will be able to take decisions in the public interest quickly.
  • Red tape, corruption will be curbed
  • Crores of rupees spent on stationery will be saved every year
  • All the dangers like loss of files, burning will end

As of now, through the e-filing system, 2769 files have been processed in 15 administrative departments of the Secretariat, and more than 5 thousand files from departments located outside the Secretariat.

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