Khatu Shyam Baba annual fair starts, special preparations this time

Khatu Shyam Baba fair starts, 105 artisans are decorating tableaux in the temple. The 40 crore dome will protect from sun and rain in Khatu Shyam fair.


The annual Falgun fair of Khatu Shyam Baba has started from March 11 at Khatushyam ji located in Sikar, Rajasthan. The main fair will be held on the day of Ekadashi on 21st March. Devotees from all over the country will reach the fair on the days of Dashami and Ekadashi. 

The temple committee estimates that more than 25 lakh devotees will come to have darshan of Baba Shyam in the 11-day long fair. Apart from Rajasthan, devotees from all over the country including Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat come to the fair to offer prayers.

Due to special worship of Baba and cleanliness, doors were closed on the night of 11th March. Darshan will start again after 6 pm on March 12. After this, there will be regular darshan of Baba till 21st March. The temple will remain open 24 hours during the fair. However, the doors of the temple are closed for some time during cleaning.

Special arrangements in the fair for Baba’s devotees

To get a glimpse of Baba Shyam, people stand in queue for 6 to 8 hours despite the scorching sun and sometimes rain. A concrete dome worth Rs 40 crore and 75 feet has been built in Lakhdatar ground to protect the devotees from sun and rain. 

A 75 feet zigzag has been made here where 14 lines have been made. If there is no crowd, the person will be sent ahead for darshan from the first 4 lines only. Other lines will be started as the crowd increases.

From here a 40 feet wide paved road has been built to the temple for the comfortable darshan of Baba Shyam. Fans and coolers have also been installed to protect the devotees from the heat. The entire parikrama site has been paved.

More than 100 permanent toilets have been built near Lakhdatar Ground and along the entire route. Water coolers and taps have been installed for drinking. Apart from these, 40 lakh sachets of water have been ordered.

Permanent residences have also been built for policemen. CCTV has been installed from Lakhdatar ground to the temple. The entire fair will be monitored through these cameras. If needed, policemen can be sent immediately. A separate control room has also been made for this.

Separate line for disabled and elderly

This time, the temple committee has made separate arrangements for darshan for the disabled and the elderly. A separate line has been made near Lala Mange Ram Dharamshala, about 250 meters from the temple. Disabled people can be taken on wheel chairs to the temple from this line for darshan.

Temple decorated with colorful flowers

For the decoration of the Baba Shyam’s temple, 105 Bengali artisans are busy decorating the court and temple. The decorations will be completed by March 14. During the fair, Baba Shyam will be decorated with colorful flowers from Delhi every day. 

Apart from Lord Ganesha, Radha-Krishna, Maa Saraswati, Vaishno Devi, many tableaux are being made in the temple. The tableaux of Char Dham, Sheesh Mahal, Phool Bangla, Maa Durga, Gajraj, Rajmahal, Tirupati Dham are ready.

Ringus to Khatu will remain one-way

Ringus to Khatu will remain one-way, only pedestrians will pass through. Ringus to Khatu has been made one-way. This path will be completely for pedestrians. After reaching Ringas, the devotees start their trek to the temple. The administration has made this route completely one-way. No type of vehicle will ply here. 

9 ASP and 32 DSP are handling security

Security arrangements have been made in the Baba Shyam fair under the responsibility of 9 ASPs. Apart from these, 32 DSP, 84 Inspector, 275 SI and ASI were appointed. Around 2500 policemen have been deployed for security throughout the fair. There will also be 600 home guards along with 400 women constables. Also, 600 security guards of the temple committee will assist in providing darshan to the devotees.

Shyam Kund will remain closed, DJ banned

Keeping in view the security arrangements, the administration has closed the Shyam Kund. However, people will be able to come and go here for worship, but there will be a ban on taking baths. Similarly, DJ has also been banned during the fair. Also, there will be a ban on signs higher than 8 feet. Signs will be posted in advance of the entrance.

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